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  1. Back from a major hiatus, figured a re-introduction was good. I'm Ecco. It's my radio DJ name, just FYI. I still have my 10" DC Level2 in my F150. Still bumping it every time I go driving. Looks like things haven't changed much since I got busy!
  2. The meaning behind it is there was this girl in my geology class. Me and her became friends. I was close to committing suicide, and she talked me out of it. I can truthfully say that she's the reason why I'm still living today. She was on the equestrian team, she loves horses (as do I), and I figured it would be a good thing to have. Also, for me, a horse represents freedom and peacefulness.
  3. A bit bloody, but it's ok. I think it's a nice first one, and it is meaningful. Soooo yep.
  4. ^ Agreed. It gets real annoying. And than the drivers behind them don't go faster once the truck finally gets in front of the other one...
  5. That was one hell of a hit and flip!! Damn... If that was me, I'd be more concerned about my car than my personal self.
  6. I was actually curious about this as well. That would be a good thing to test out as well, maybe in another video. I'd make a video now, but.... My JBL amp is nice, and I don't need another one. What I would do is sell it to someone and donate that money to my local animal shelter. But.. I'm sure I'm late to the game. Oh well, very informative video!
  7. I don't find that challenging. haha it's called a break The bird calls scared the absolute piss out of me... haha.
  8. Geez. Haha I'm waiting for some part of your SUV to just fall off after all that amazing abuse.
  9. Haha nice car and a pretty good burnout. I'm surprised that you guys don't have the cops breathing down your neck haha.
  10. People who post "vote for ______" topics.. Those really get under my skin.
  11. Did you call and leave a message when you got it? I would have done that. Uhmmmm otherwise, I hope you get it sorted out. This kind of stuff really puts a damper on your day.
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