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  1. Back from a major hiatus, figured a re-introduction was good. I'm Ecco. It's my radio DJ name, just FYI. I still have my 10" DC Level2 in my F150. Still bumping it every time I go driving. Looks like things haven't changed much since I got busy!
  2. If anyone wanted a welding job, come to Oregon. Apparently we are in need of welders (Portland area). Glad you got a job though!
  3. Well, take summer classes. The community college here has some automotive classes that I may take later on. I'd love to get into the automotive field, I just need the class time. If you need experience to get the job, than get the experience. Easy.
  4. Is everything updated? Flash, ActiveX, and whatever else? That may cause a problem with an updated version of Firefox. Also, have you tried another browser? If you did, did the other browser recently have an update as well?
  5. Works fine for me, I'm using Firefox Beta. I dunno what else to suggest besides dumping your cache..
  6. I want to go give her a hug. Stupid kids have absolutely no respect of others. Harassing someone for laughs and popularity, who came up with that BS? I'm glad my parents disciplined me with belts and by taking away my Sega Genesis, they straightened me out quick. I like to give people a good helping of kindness, since I don't know who the person is, what they've experienced, or anything. I'm glad that she'll be getting all of that money. I can't fathom this still, it's completely ridiculous. I'm curious as to what in the world the parents will do / are doing. Maybe this will open some people's eyes and show them that this stunt of letting your precious child have these things and not be properly disciplined for bad behavior is not the way to go. Once again, she seems like a great person, especially to stick around there with the small salary she gets because she wants to make sure the kids on the bus are safe. Maybe she yelled at them at one point or another, the kids may just not realize that she was making sure they were safe.
  7. I saw one here. I was driving home from work, and I thought it was a normal Lotus until I saw the badge. Just FYI, there are a lot of expensive cars where I live. Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Aston Martin's, Lotus', etc. So this is a first of I'm sure many. It is a nice looking eco-car, I've only seen a few videos of this. Apparently it stacks up pretty well against the gas competitors..
  8. PM me info? I've had some deals with him and want to know why I should stay away, or why not... Me too. I've been recommending his services and I just bought 4 custom Ford emblem decals from him. This makes me curious...
  9. My friend has a 12" Rockford shallow mount in a prefab (horrible, I know) in his reg. cab Dodge. Sounds pretty good, honestly.
  10. I use the stock HU, so no. I'd go with the sub. Would you use the ipod to go work out with or something else too? Getting that vs a sub depends on how often you'll use the ipod.
  11. I've had my lower 2 wisdom teeth pulled and my K9's pulled. The only part that hurt was accidentally pulling my stitches when I brushed my teeth..
  12. My friend has a shallow Rockford in a prefab box in his single cab Ram. It does what it's supposed to do. I'm just not a fan..
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