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  1. It takes so much self control to not build my system now, spring needs to get here now

    1. Kyblack76


      pfffft... get to work clown...

    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      I feel you. Want to work on my doors myself.

  2. killer, i still remember stumbling upon this site back in 2006-07 and thinkin damn that shit is loud!
  3. Is it possible to adapt the TM-1 F to be used as a transmission temperature gauge? I'd like to keep all the same gauges in my explorer if possible.
  4. Can anyone tell me what the theoretical power i'd see out of a pair of 7.5k amps strapped at 2 ohm? Trying to figure out power options for my lvl 6 18s.
  5. Great canvas to start out with as a "work truck"! Can't wait to see what you come up with, should look amazing!
  6. Thank you Will! I probably shouldve just messaged you on facebook, wouldve been quicker lmao
  7. No owners manual. Don't have access to a 9volt either lol
  8. black and blue leads off my sub, which is which if they're the original wires from DC?
  9. Not sure of the calculation to take the numbers off the site, anyone have it in cuft?
  10. Is there any way to make the LEDs GREEN instead of BLUE? The blue is great and all but green fits my build plans better. I understand if it's not possible, never hurts to ask right?
  11. It was a joke peoples lol I know kyle was messin around, i was too relax haha. Kyle knows his shit, he's got like the 3rd longest build log on this forum haha. Wait you only give him hugs and kisses......i'm doing something wrong
  12. Kyle should be ignored at all chances, but XS is the best company i've used thus far. I've had a few of them be 100% flat on voltage where i thought they wouldn't come back, put them on an XS charger and 2 days later holding voltage and starting my vehicle every time. Great customer service too. Had a 3100 arrive with a hairline crack in it, called and they sent me a new one after i sent in the cracked one. They even made a video after they cut the side off of it and load tested it which showed even damaged they'll still kick ass! Whatever they're doing, I hope they don't sacrifice quality for anything! XSPOWER FTMFW!!!
  13. Looks badass! Would be cool if the leds on the meters could change color to match the rest of the amp too
  14. If you make a brace, use an 1 1/2" wood dowel with a 4" saddle support on top to cradle the motor. Put 45 degree gussets from the saddle to the dowel, maybe 1"x1" or there abouts. Then put 45 degree gussests to the dowel and done. Should give you good support while having the least amount of blockage.
  15. I ran a 3.5k and it was a great combo, look up andiesel06 on youtube, i have a few videos of them up there
  16. Id post them but they are a little tricky, atleast in my eyes anyways lol. I figure if anyone wanted to take a crack at it id pm the dimensions. But ill try to upload a drawing with specs on it and see if thats helpful.
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