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  1. the way i see it steve is the best i have learned so much from steve and every one else on here but some people are just jealous cant see the positive side of anything so they gotta start some shit
  2. ive seen that happen on rx7 before but he held it at high rpm till the engine went wasnt a huge fire ball though
  3. i only have two twelves but i have to use an engine lift tog et them in and out i have a bad back and the box ways 130 lbs
  4. call someone take the wheel off get it fixed and put it back and if im leaving town i take my 12s out and put in 1 single 10 so i can keep my trunk open i really got no life
  5. toggle switch for your back up lights they wont know what to think
  6. the motor from a 98-00 will fit in with little modification needs different heater hoses the tranny is the same in all years from 95 to 00 i just did this in a 97 cavalier it was very little work
  7. have the owner call the people they will feel more appreciated and they might put a good word in for ya come monday you could be the cheif chilli fry maker thats how i became a manager when i worked at a department store we had some people being treated unfairly i handled business they told the store manager this guy should run some shit and just like that it happend i even got a good job pin you did your part very professionally thats is looked upon greatly you might be pissed off but if they come back its because you made them feel welcome when dude was being a prick so fuck him he is nothing but a piece of shit he will more then likely be unemployed soon for making your establishment seem disrespectful fuck him
  8. hey twigz is your a beretta if so is it 4 or 6 cylinder i might know the cause and solution to your problem
  9. i bet i could live in it considering there are no amps mentioned nah just playing did you ever see the matterhorn
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