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  1. Time to build some A pillars.

    1. _paralyzed_


      Dude, you're better than that. You can build A+ pillars!

    2. hoit


      ...paralyzed nailed it!


  2. Thanks! I didn't realize my other thread was archived.
  3. Congrats, I'm way behind, I probably wont be a grand dad for another 10-15 years+ ....ideally.
  4. Still comes down to wallet, you are going to pay for that idle output.
  5. In a word - WALLET - get as much alt as you can afford.
  6. Feb 15, 2011 - High Point, NC Where I'm at is not where I'm from and where I'm from is not where I was born. Born in Bronx, NY Grew up in Apopka, FL <--this is where I'm from
  7. I have to re-glue one of my dust caps.grrr, I'm glad that's all it is though.

  8. Going out to Vote!

  9. I have a feeling you could sell 10,000 non-distorting HLCs in a heartbeat. That should bring the cost down to $2 each!!
  10. Merry Christmas everyone!

  11. Finally got the subs back in my truck...sounds awesome!!

  12. Trying to find the motivation to put my subs back in the box and get it back in my truck. Feeling unmotivated :(

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    2. Gunnem


      drink a redbull

    3. Tarball


      well I got off of my ass and redid some wiring in the box, got the box outside right next to the truck, got the subs wired - tested for polarity and mounted. Now the fun part! The box alone is stupid heavy, the subs are crazy heavy and now its all one piece. Hope I don't drop it and shift a motor again. Wish me luck.

    4. Tarball


      woot!! it's in there! Glad I got off my ass and did something. Check one off the list - 99 steps to go!

  13. Stressed - ordered dual .7 recones and dual 2 recones show up at my door :S

    1. Wood


      Stressed - DSS said beginning October for Ship date, now it's the End of October before shipment :S

    2. Rich Schenk
  14. Chilling in India...nothing to do. /sigh

  15. How is a Amp supposed to be i ohm stable?Kinda obvious what I meant, right? i didn't even notice... but ya, how the fuck can it be i ohm stable? Fuck. I was gonna try to come back with a smart-sounding reply, but....... I guess fat fingers got in the way LOL. Fat finger my ass!! (no pun intended) the i and the 1 arent even close to each other!
  16. I;ve got a gang on mame roms somewhere. Do you have online storage anywhere with a few hundred megs of space ? IM me .
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