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  1. SoundDeadenerShowdown check them out... I have used it 2 separate vehicles and have had great results.. Haven't moved onto the MLV stages yet but will be soon...
  2. Thats a win!! lol... the last one with the couple was funny as hell...
  3. I have nothing to add to this topic, but noticed OP lives in my town... lol ... I will stalk you now!!!
  4. stop the presses, what knife is that?lol sweet amp, you gonna clamp it so I can know the real power?
  5. Some guys took video of some hotties at Seaside here in NJ.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaCB9TOCzCc&feature=related
  6. nice to see this kind of help going on... :drink40: edit my badd for double... Comcast lag FTW!!!
  7. nice to see this kind of help going on... :drink40:
  8. tech got the good screws loose in his head... but umm, since your brains DOES work, you ever gonna have those O2 components man? lolol
  9. I just would like to reconnect with all the friends I left behind in my past... do more for my family when I was younger and actually cared about school more than I did....
  10. Well sometimes you can get yourself worked up about crazy things! Haha that's a great scare tactic for passengers. Just act like it's the first time it's happened and start panicking! that's messed up... lmao
  11. I can dig it... found this one not that long ago... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z12W7yuSBfM&hd=1
  12. what makes you so sure these are "real"??? for old ones I wouldn't even think they could go below $140 .... just looking for you insight on the certainty ...
  13. I see many people do it, but I wouldn't risk putting that much direct vibration on the amplifier... but that's just me...
  14. I thought this deserved some special attention... I'd like to share this with you playas out there... DO YOU Fellas!!!
  15. slightly too busy for me... also, you should be including a phone number ... if you have all that info on the backside of the card then good deal...
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