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  1. you should really get the $0 .25 USB wire to connect to the PS3... lmao!
  2. what does wcft dota dods and css stand for ? warcraft, "shyt", day of defeat source, counter strike source...
  3. Shanks and Shanks 2 are fun... Could play over again with the different characters... Deus Ex was good too
  4. Bastion is very good... Narration is great!!! And the control is easy to get...
  5. wish you worded the thread differently.. I'd like to hear what people would pick... I'm dying to figure out whether I want to try getting a 12" Z..... I would lose cone but I'd be porting rather than sealed... lol
  6. go the largest you can.... Sealed would be easiest... Were you on SSA asking as well OP?
  7. Good to know there is a box builder in Jersey... I'm in middlesex and there are only Best Buy whores here.... Not that their systems are horrible but they ain't unique or special...
  8. So the Z3 won't sound good with less than 2k??? lol... OMG!
  9. well there is that "FaceBack" apk... SUPER SWEET!!!
  10. I hear they are great too .. for most ears they are an amazing option for front stage... But they hole they would leave around 250hz down may be an issue for myself.. just sayin...
  11. http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_configurations.asp Use this to find out wiring configs for single it multiple drivers.
  12. Sell your system and wait a while
  13. Sounds loud. My pops loves Bill Withers bass enhanced. Its amazing!!!
  14. hmmm sound like my 200 amp universal mechman i had to send back and PAY to have fixed... I just got mine not even 2 weeks ago...
  15. I'm not gonna gang up on Mechman as my issues are really at idle, on my low power at 1k rpm and up I'm getting 14.6-14.9v ... Soon as I get to 700 on dash it drops to 13.6-12.7-12.3-12.2 .... Apparently my car sucks???
  16. The belt is a new gates belt and was exact size of stock. Asked Eric before purchasing alternator and was told perfect mate. How can I check for slipping? Car runs and sounds great. Any signs to looks for?
  17. So, I'm looking into replacing my Kinetik batteries in hopes that my low idle voltage may be a result of not so great battery conditioning and whatnot. Is it recommended to charge the XS Power when you first get them shipped to you? If so, would the CTEK MUS 3300 be good for it? What setting should it be on? The car or snowflake icon Thanks in advance for any information regarding this matter... - SHo
  18. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_33492_Kenwood-eXcelon-KFC-X1730P.html
  19. Okay, so I need some major help.. When I had installed the MechMan alternator I realized my ride home from the mechanic yieled insane voltage variance so I called MechMan and spoke to Eric... He told me I should upgrade the wire as soon as I can since it needs to carry more amperage than the stock ... I went home and did the positive post to the positive terminal on the battery and then I did the alternator casing to negative terminal on the battery... Then I went ahead and did the adjustment to the avbm again since I wanted to make sure everything was charging right.. I called Mechman and spoke with Matt who told me I could use a mount hole that was on the casing but to sand off the coating which I did... so wiring was all done, I install a 300a fuse and good to go... Now the issue is my voltage drops at idle to insane low numbers.... 12.6v and under... I called Mechman and they asked the resting voltage of my batteries and I couldn't give a definitive answer since I hadn't tested in a while... Matt stated that stock alternators have better voltage at idle rpm than the Mechmans since that is how they are manufactured.. and they kick in really at 700 rpm OK .... So I take it for what it is... On my way to work I was driving around and everything was great, voltage steady at 14.9-15.2v when above 1k on the dash... Once at a red light, my voltage began to drop to 12.2 and then 12.6 and then 12.0v ... I got worried and revved the engine to 1k to get the voltage back up .. at this point I turned off the music so I could see how that affected the voltage... At the next red light I experienced the same voltage drop to 12.0v then jump back to 12.6 .. Again once I get about 1k the voltage is steady at 14.9v ... I am assuming my car is idling under 600 maybe even 400 since I'm guessing by looking at the needle... What can I do to make sure it isn't the alternator? I think I need to charge the batteries overnight ??.. I have a HC1800 under the hood, and a HC800 in the trunk.... attery resting voltages are : 12.76(front) and 12.72(rear) .... Is that okay???
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