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  1. Well, depends on when you'll be home, i'll only be there from early saturday, untill sunday. Just enough to go to the races and do some partying.
  2. Anyone in, or near Sandusky, Ohio that has a loud system, i'm going to the sandusky speedway over the weekend and i'd like to maybe get a few bass demos, looking to try and hear a 54+. as i've never heard anything that loud. just trying to figure out if there is anyone near there, that could possibly meet up with me, thanks!
  3. pretty cool to be honest, but its probably just military equiptment that went wrong and they just never bothered with it again, lol.
  4. it'd be nice to just have one huge show, where people from NY, PA, NJ, and all those other states get together...that'd be one hard mother fucker to organize though.
  5. boyd heaton is from PA, and alot of tdh is down that way as well in the surrounding states.
  6. not for 4 dual 2 subs, it isn't.
  7. sounds like a great offer to me, working 50 hours a week gets tiring week after week, but it's worth it.
  8. [email protected] pages of this thread, and his question didn't even get answered, depends on what kind of subs you have bud, but i don't think you'll be able to fit 8 12's in the cargo area of a blazer, as they're very small, take the seats out and build a false floor you got it, but you're looking at 12+ cubes, plus port area.
  9. strong electrical for a 10k, is like...4 alts, and a rediculous amount of batteries. lol
  10. Translation:Anderson, this is not the section appropriate to your question. Here is only to sell products. You should directly contact wc car audio in [email protected] they should be able to help you since you made the purchase directly with them. Besides Czech your junk in your email inbox, perhaps ahy have the comfirmacion. I hope and resuelv thanks for the translation, i think most of the forum was wondering what he was saying.
  11. yeah, replace that alt...it won't get you anywhere with a 5k amp...
  12. You know your math is wrong... Right? 25-14 does not =9. you're right. that was at 3am...and i wasnt even thinking, its an extra $11 an hour. which, thats all the more reason to take that shit!!!
  13. this thread is a year and a half old!!! i'm sure the subs are gone by now!!!
  14. $25 an hour or $14 an hour....thats an extra $9 an hour, 9x40=360...that's an extra $360, a week. O_O what the fuck is there to think about??!?!?!?!?
  15. doooooooooo ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. they'll be fine. i'm putting a 2k to my sa 12's and they're laughing at the power. just as long as you don't clip them they'll be fine.
  16. cjN

    DD M3a

    i have a buddy running his at a quarter ohm daily, seeing about a half an ohm rise, so his amp is seeing .75ohms, and it's still doing fine. it doesnt even drop below like 13 volts, if you know what you're doing, it can be done. and those are strong amps.
  17. That's pretty funny though... "Sir can we save your life?!! "WHARGARBLE HSFHDSG"
  18. i have a kinetik hc1800 for my battery up front, it does fine...get a bigger back battery and go with a 1400 up front as well.
  19. depending on how big of a system he wants...you could build a wall and still get loud as hell with 4k.
  20. not a very big budget? buy used? the fuck...why? mechman alt, $450ish, xs power batts depending on what you'll get you'll have to price em out. crescendo 5500$900, leaves you with like $1500 for some beast ass subs...also, forgot..mb quart6 80.4 and a few 6.5's to fit in your doors..if theyll fit.
  21. lol..i've watched pornz. and i wasn't even trying to get a shot for anyone else, only for myself. but boyd made me post it up onto youtube. so fuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk that, i coulda kept that shit all to myself. lmao
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