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  1. Congrats on the new ride and the scores, as someone who also has been working his score up from a low 600 for the past few years it does feel really good when you hit that 800 for the first time. Just remember your scores fluctuate so if it dips do not get discouraged! When I bought my Sliverado I walked into the dealer with 798's and paid 0 down, and it felt good to know I could do it.
  2. June 2011, would have joined long before that but heard some bad things and just stayed away. Needless to say they were all BS, and I don't plan on leaving. Orlando, FL been doing car audio since 1988.
  3. The XS Power D5100s I just sold last night have sat in my garage since last tuesday, and they were all three sitting at 12.9.
  4. Sweet monitors, I got an Asus VG248QE for christmas and the difference in 60Hz gaming to 144Hz is MILES better. Have fun with all that sexiness!
  5. Thanks for the comments guys, here are a couple shots of the actual car itself.
  6. Looking for a vector format version of the logo, gonna do some work on a custom wallpaper and prolly more and wanting the vector version so I can scale it without losing resolution. Thanks in advance!
  7. Wished they would read/reply to their own web form, nice looking alternator.
  8. Haters means you are doing it right, jealousy is a bitch! And BTW the Chicken Hill and Psyph CDs are badass thanks again for the giveaway!
  9. Shared this with team skar audio on facebook last night, I got a bit creative and designed a new desktop wallpaper. Feel free to right click and save as, but please do me a small favor leave my watermark alone I have noticed on a few other wallpapers I have done, (not skars) people took it out and are using it ALL over the car audio online community. I don't ask for anything to make these, so please respect my one wish and thank you in advance.
  10. Based on your music listed I would go ported tuned at 35Hz seems to be a real nice happy medium for playing from rock to rap as you said. So I would try 3cubes tuned at 35Hz, you can do aero ports and be able to later adjust the tuning if you used DUCT (not duck) tape on the port flares and then changing the inner tube section to a different tuning, just be sure to use at least 3 layers per flare to ensure a nice seal.
  11. They will do great at .5ohm, but you have to have the electrical to support them.
  12. Got my SK4500.1 put in today, wasn't as hard as I thought. I put 1" wide 1/4" thick rubber/foam strips under each mounting foot area for antivibration Here is the Video, you can watch in FULL 1080p since this was recorded with my GoPro Hero3 Black Edition!
  13. I've had my Hero3 black for a little while you are gonna love it Steve, however the underwater casing prevents a LOT of audio from coming through in the videos. I would recommend buying the "FRAME" which is a plastic frame that goes around the Hero3 and lets all the audio in. Oh also just a side note, be sure to update the firmware on the camera before using it, and also make sure your Micro SD cards are at least Class 10, I use the SanDisk Ultras and they work great for ALL the video types it can take. You should also check out the higher recording settings like 4k cinematic and 2.7k cinematic amazing quality.
  14. MA8 displaces .1cuft of airspace and the VVX8 displaces .075cuft of airspace. What this means is when you are making a box you have to account for this displacement. So if you designed a 1cuft box after wood displacement it would be .9cuft after the MA8 displacement. Hope this helps.
  15. 2cuft sealed, 3cuft ported tuned at 32Hz. Sub displacement is .17cuft.
  16. Contact Skar from their site he can order a kit, however he will need to get epoxy and ca glue on his own the kits are just the parts.
  17. I can sum it up on one word Steve, "jealousy" people are just jealous you are successful and don't realize the hard work, long hours and time away from friends and family you have had to deal with to get where you are today. Just remember you are living life for you, and only you. Haters are just that because IMO it shows they "hate" their own life and choices and are jealous of what you have done. Real people, will recognize what you have done, the work and time involved and respect you for it. I for one respect you for those things, and I have never met you. When I first heard of you it was in a hateful manner and to be honest I was like WTF?? But as I have been around car audio for over 25 years I have seen good people "hated" on for no reason other than simple jealousy. Just remember true friends don't care how many cars you have, or how many dollars you have, they are your friends because they love you for who you are. And as my marital arts instructor told me about 20+ years ago when I first started training, words are just words it is YOU who give them power. So remember words are just words, and keep your head up, there are plenty of us out here who respect you for all that you have done not only for yourself but for car audio as a whole.
  18. Spider is glued to the basket frame, that ring is to re-enforce the holding of the spider the top edge is probably glued to it, but the ring is to add more brutality to the sub so to speak.
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