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  1. I have a TON of footage from Sundown show. Maybe I'll make a little edit and upload it to the tuuuube. I'll post it up in here if I do. I'm not gonna make the Sky High BBQ because it's literally on the exact opposite side of the country. I wish I could. Equipment updates: Right now, I'm running 4 of the new Crossfire C7v3 12s on two Crossfire XS-4ks. She's putting up mid 158s at 33hz (tuning is still lowered) and mid 157s at 28hz. 153s at 20hz. Legal, it's doing mid 156s at 50hz and 27hz.
  2. Also, I got a port plug so I can plug one rear port and drop rear tuning to 19hz (after I extend them). I'm trying to see what I can pull out of this thing for Subsonic Suicide. This thing will be at the Sundown show August 17th if anyone wants a demo
  3. Here's a slight update: After I shredded that sub when I threw the M1U in for testing, I was miraculously able to glue it back together in multiple pieces. After I got all 4 subs playing again, I re-metered it: 155.79dB legal at 27hz 158.68dB outlaw at 36hz I'm definitely at the limits of these woofers mechanically. I purchased my second CF 4k and will be throwing it in the next few days. They will be strapped at .7ohm a piece on the current subs, and .5 per when I rebuild these XSv1s with TI baskets and XT3 recones. I'm also going to try some box mods, like extending my rear ports and bringing tuning down to 27hz. I also need to make a PVC roundover for the port block I made for the front chamber. I just purchased an SSA meter, so I can do some serious testing and tuning. Also, fun fact, this thing is loud as shit on the driver's side headrest with both doors open. I put the meter on the driver headrest both doors open, and it did a 158.8 at 42hz on ONE 4k.
  4. Just for fun, we're going to wire up my teammate's M1U in the Montero and do some clamping/SPL testing. Any guesses on numbers? It'll be wired to .35. We're also interested to see how my 60ah Cmax bank and CES 280 handle that much juice. We'll find out!
  5. I clamped 5500 watts out of it rising to 1.3 ohm at 14v. That was driver window down at 28hz. I'm planning on taking measurements of SPL, impedance, clamped power, and voltage throughout its whole playable range sometime soon. Stay tuned for graphs.
  6. Thanks, DiBo! It took first in ISPLL Wall 1 All Around SPL with a 155.2dB 30 second average at 35hz, and 1st in Wall 1 Subsonic Suicide with a 156.2dB 2 minute average at 28hz (after bonus - 155.2dB without).
  7. Tons of pics coming. I reconed my blown XSv1 12", finished my 60ah Cmax bank, and installed my first Crossfire 4k (currently wired at .33 nominal). It sounds at least as loud as it was with the Vital. I'll meter it this weekend at TDH. If anyone wants a demo, come snag one!
  8. Alright, a few quick updates: - The Orion has been repaired and sold. - I'm in the process of building a 60ah Cmax bank. - I have a recone for my blown Crossfire XSv1 12" on the way. I'm going back to those. - I'll be purchasing a local buddy's 2 Crossfire 4ks to run at .67 each. - I'm doing a bunch of little tweaking here and there to try and eliminate cabin flex while keeping it stock in front of the b-pillar. - I'm trimming out behind the back doors to pretty it up some. - I now have a Skar RP150.4 on the doors and they scream for just 2 mids and 2 tweets. - The revised setup will be done in time for TDH in VA. Come get a demo!
  9. Wow, I haven't updated this in a while. The ticking was the remote circuit relay failing on the Orion. I sent it back for repair, and they got it back to me in about a week total. However, it started exhibiting the same exact issue once I reinstalled it. I sent it back for a second time, and it got seriously damaged in shipping on the way back. I'm about to send it back to Orion for a 3rd time, hoping to get a replacement amplifier, as this is getting kind of ridiculous. Luckily, my teammate Jared has been letting me borrow one of his Vital Power 7ks. It's about a dB to 1.5dB quieter with the Vital vs with the Orion. I'm trying to figure out a plan for next season. I'm selling the Crossfires to a local guy tomorrow, and I may be selling the Skars to a friend in Florida over the holiday. I'm considering trying out Soundqubed's new HDX 12s. Any thoughts or recommendations?
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