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  1. So, I ended up pulling the entire interior while I had the box out. I found a ton of wild wiring, and a bunch of peel and seal haha. I have a couple gallons of 8 pound pour foam, a bulk pack of sky high deadener, and a bunch of little odds and ends on the way. Time to beef up this cabin a lot more!
  2. .35 was the nominal impedance. That's the number you'll see when you put a meter on the wires going to the subs when the amp is off. 1.1 ohm, in this case, was the reactive impedance. Meaning, at that particular frequency, the impedance rose from .35 to 1.1. I wouldn't recommend wiring this low unless, A) you have a ton of rise and B ) you have a stout amp with a good track record of being wired low. I personally am only wiring this 16k low for burps, as being at a reactive impedance that low for a giant board like this can be kinda sketchy (big boards are usually more sensitive to both vibration and low impedance, what I've seen). I won't be playing music wired at .35 on this setup.
  3. So, I got some major testing in yesterday with the Crossfire 16k in. Best numbers wired at .75 ohm: 157.49dB door open on the dash at 34hz 158.45dB door open in the kick, also at 34hz The 16k clamped 15kw at 2.8 ohms at 15v when metering these scores. Best numbers wired at .35 ohm: 158.79dB door open on the dash at 34hz 159.72dB driver window down, mic in kick at 34hz The 16k clamped 23kw at 1.1 ohm at 14.7v when metering these scores. All of these scores were measured with the driver's side c-pillar ripped and back side window basically falling out (gorilla taped together). I can't wait to shrink the box a little bit and repair the cabin, then meter again! I know she has 160s in her, even at lowish frequencies like these!
  4. I never got a chance to clamp the m1u, as it died three days after getting it playing haha. I did however clamp my Crossfire 16k when I was doing testing yesterday. Stay tuned for that info!
  5. Stoked for progress. Been loving the GM no-walls recently! That should get down!
  6. 24 bolt terminals! I decided to cut up some foam for a little extra support in the middle of the amp (since it's a million miles long). I didn't want the middle flexing too bad. Super fancy wiring diagram 1,000,000 jumpers later:
  7. The 16k is in and wired at .75 to start. Pics will follow. Initial testing provided these results: 156.6dB sealed on the dash at 33hz 157.3dB door open on the dash at 34hz 158.4dB door open in the kick at 35hz. I can't wait to play with the box and see what kind of numbers we can get out of her! And then, of course, I'll drop her to .35 and see what happens
  8. Just ordered a bunch of hardware for bolt terminals. The subs are currently wired in series/parallel/parallel at a nominal load of .35 ohm, but I'd like to be able to wire the subs in parallel/series/parallel for a final impedance of .75 ohm for daily listening. Running 6 subs gives some fun wiring options haha. Basically, I'll wire the coils of each sub in parallel, then each group of 3 subs in series, then the 2 groups of 3 subs in parallel to get to that .75 ohm load. So, Crossfire 16k at .75 daily and .35 for comps. I can't wait to order one.
  9. Got the box in last weekend! The box alone weighed about 450 pounds. It sucked. Mah babies. First rip, she busted out these numbers: Legal (Sealed on dash): 155.6dB at 34hz Door open on dash: 156.51dB at 36hz Door open in kick: 157.05dB at 37hz And then the M1u popped while the truck was sitting off as I pumped gas. So, time to save for a Crossfire 16k! After I do a lot more cabin treatment done and play with the ports, maybe we'll get a 160 out of her
  10. Last night, I: - filled the couple screw holes I made. - sanded with 80, 150, 220 grit paper. - hit the top with a 3/8" roundover. - sanded again. - laid down a coat of minwax honey stain. Tonight, I'll lay down a couple thick coats of clear. I can't wait to see this color/grain really pop! When that's had a day or so to cure, it's sub loading time!
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