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  1. I clamped 5500 watts out of it rising to 1.3 ohm at 14v. That was driver window down at 28hz. I'm planning on taking measurements of SPL, impedance, clamped power, and voltage throughout its whole playable range sometime soon. Stay tuned for graphs.
  2. Thanks, DiBo! It took first in ISPLL Wall 1 All Around SPL with a 155.2dB 30 second average at 35hz, and 1st in Wall 1 Subsonic Suicide with a 156.2dB 2 minute average at 28hz (after bonus - 155.2dB without).
  3. Tons of pics coming. I reconed my blown XSv1 12", finished my 60ah Cmax bank, and installed my first Crossfire 4k (currently wired at .33 nominal). It sounds at least as loud as it was with the Vital. I'll meter it this weekend at TDH. If anyone wants a demo, come snag one!
  4. Alright, a few quick updates: - The Orion has been repaired and sold. - I'm in the process of building a 60ah Cmax bank. - I have a recone for my blown Crossfire XSv1 12" on the way. I'm going back to those. - I'll be purchasing a local buddy's 2 Crossfire 4ks to run at .67 each. - I'm doing a bunch of little tweaking here and there to try and eliminate cabin flex while keeping it stock in front of the b-pillar. - I'm trimming out behind the back doors to pretty it up some. - I now have a Skar RP150.4 on the doors and they scream for just 2 mids and 2 tweets. - The revised setup will be done in time for TDH in VA. Come get a demo!
  5. Wow, I haven't updated this in a while. The ticking was the remote circuit relay failing on the Orion. I sent it back for repair, and they got it back to me in about a week total. However, it started exhibiting the same exact issue once I reinstalled it. I sent it back for a second time, and it got seriously damaged in shipping on the way back. I'm about to send it back to Orion for a 3rd time, hoping to get a replacement amplifier, as this is getting kind of ridiculous. Luckily, my teammate Jared has been letting me borrow one of his Vital Power 7ks. It's about a dB to 1.5dB quieter with the Vital vs with the Orion. I'm trying to figure out a plan for next season. I'm selling the Crossfires to a local guy tomorrow, and I may be selling the Skars to a friend in Florida over the holiday. I'm considering trying out Soundqubed's new HDX 12s. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  6. The Orion 8k has started doing some odd things. Sometimes, it won't output audio, and whenever it does, it makes a weird ticking noise. This only started happening when the weather got colder. I may end up sending it back to Orion for warranty work. I'm hoping it can work for the last couple of shows this year, but we'll see.
  7. Thanks! I used WinISD to calculate port lengths and port velocity. All the math was pen, paper, a calculator, and drawing everything in Sketchup.
  8. Sooooo, Slamfest was fucking crazy. Here's a full account of all the shiz that happened. 2 nights before, the cone on one of my subs completely delaminated and exploded everywhere. That was cool. Suddenly, I had to figure out a replacement sub or a set of subs with 2 days before the show. Luckily, my team helped out and supplied me with a set of Skar VXF 12s (since they're local to Tampa) and we threw them in at midnight on Friday after I drove 14 hours to get there. Surprisingly, the VXFs did great; I actually gained .2dB door open on the dash. I suspect this is because the Crossfires are old and tired. About halfway through the day, my HU started shutting down the audio to the doors and displaying a message that said, "Output failure." After some research and trying everything I could do to fix it, the consensus was that the HU had shit the bed completely. I picked up a new Kenwood unit from Best Buy after the show and went to install it that night. I extended the HU harness for a handheld setup so I didn't kill another head unit from vibration/heat in the dash. Unfortunately, the new HU was bad out of the box (internal short - kept popping fuses). It took me several hours of fucking with it to determine that, as I assumed the issue was with my wiring. The next morning, my Teammate Lenry let me borrow his HU. I redid the connections for the harness and got it all working. We went to the show and I entered in ISPLL All Around SPL and Real SPL in the Wall 2 class. I ended up with a 155.7dB average for All Around at 36hz and 153.3dB average for Real SPL (Average of 28hz, 38hz, 48hz sealed on the glass). These were good for 1st place in All Around, 2nd in Real SPL (beat by .2dB ). Voltage wasn't the best, as it was hot as shit and the alt wasn't putting out what it usually does in decent weather. All around, it was a crazy good time hanging with everyone, giving demos, and competing. I'm honestly impressed as shit with these Skars for the money. Huge shoutout to my teammates who helped me make it down and stay in the competition. Diztruktion ftw!
  9. Still gaining tenths with playing with the front port. New legal peak is a 155.25 at 27hz, and it's now doing 158s door open on the dash in the mid 30s. 158.5s in the kick. The most notable difference is that voltage is up a bit (holding 13v on burps) and I'm now clamping 9200+ watts out of the Orion.
  10. Alrighty. I got the box work done (extra roof layer and steel brace) and shrank the front port 100 square inches. It's now doing 155dB legal at 28hz, 155.5 legal at 55hz, and 158.4dB outlaw at 35hz. I still have a ton of testing left to do in the next few days before Slamfest.
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