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  1. Heres a pic of this box in my jeep, and i even had one that was bigger than this before. And yes i can get my back seat up.
  2. and now im running two sundown niteshade 18s in 9 cube net box.
  3. wat up my man , i have a jeep srt8 which is smaller than the regular cherokee in the back and i have had numerous four 15 boxes in there and pounded the shit out of the truck, i have had four rockford p 3s and i recently had four american bass hd 15"s in 16 cubes net net and broke the sunroof rite out of my truck.
  4. sundown zv3 18"s , i dont no if your familiar with those but sundown subs like smaller boxes compared to most companies. I talk to the owner of sundown and he said put them in a box about 8.35 net after displacements with the power i have. They recommend 4 cubes per driver for 18s.
  5. Since im shrinking my box from 10 cubes to 8.5 do i still need both 8 " aero ports I had two 8" aero ports in a box that was 9.83 to 10 cubes net but now im shrinking my box to 8 to 8.5 cubic ft net. Can i get away with only using one 8" aero port. I seen a guy who had a box that was like 9 cubes net with four sundown niteshade 12s on about 8k and it was nasty loud. so im wondering since im going to 8-8.5 roughly on the same power this should work rite????
  6. Ive seen guys on here talking bout 0 guage welding cable is cheaper than 0 guage power wire, is this true and were to buy. its seems like you can get cheaper 50 ft of 0 guage power wire then welding cable online.
  7. LOL what? It depends... for a low power setup I would say negligible... but its for less resistance. Think of it as a water pipe, a wider pipe puts the water under less pressure to get where it needs to go. For those two amps it couldnt hurt, both are single inputs and for a 3500 watt amp at full tilt, the current draw is right up there for a single run of 1/0. so basically with dual inputs i can more juice to the amps. then especially with two runs of 0 goin into the amp.
  8. its not a vs thread, because im not asking about the amps, i alreadly have my amps, i just want to no if there any benifits of using dual inputs
  9. wats up guys , im wondering wats the pros and cons of running tool maker dual inputs to a crescendo bc3500 or sundown 3500? like will i see a power increase or is even worth it to buy them.
  10. hey wats up fellow bass heads, im noticing a a drop in my voltage and i was wondering would it make any diffrence if i disconnected the extra runs of 0 guage coming from the back to alt to the front battery then alternator. like basically my extra runs of 0 are connected to my alternator meaning power wire. but i was thinking bout taking them off and connecting them to the front battery then to the alternator., would ait make a diffrence
  11. man thanks for the info, this makes me not even want to use aluminum bus bar no more and just use straight power wire now. do they make copper bus bars.
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