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Found 11 results

  1. hello everyone. I recently had a small short out under my hood. The fuse holder in-between my front and rear batteries came in contact with the battery tray. Shorting out. melted the fuse holder into a ball of goo. luckally it put itself out from all the melting rubber from the 0 gauage cable. Now, all i have done is.. cut off the section of burnt cable and replace the fuse holder. But now i have voltage problems. I used to only drop to 13.1v before the misshap. Now i have drops to 11.1v all the time. sometimes even drop to 10.5v whitch shuts my amp down putting it into protection mode. boo. this is what i have. DC power alt 320amp, 2 kinetik hc800 under hood, 2 kinetik hc2400b in the trunk. rockford fosgate 0 gauge cable(one run front to back + side) grounded to the uni-body. Amp is a MA Audio HK4000D pushing two 15" RE Audio XXX. So, My question is... Is my once burnt cable possibly the problem? Or maybe a cell went bad? or both? How and where can i get these batteries tested? Auto zone test is not accurate.
  2. Whats up people, I have an opportunity to get a new deka 9a31 or used kinetik khc2000 for the exact same price of $150. Which is a better option for me? 2 type x 12s Type R Interiors Mrp M2000 Mrp F450 Power Acoustik 710nb HU PA 7 band EQ Big 3 1/0 gauge ran back Stock alternator Looking to replace backup battery in trunk due to voltage drop.
  3. i have the materials for the big three and that should be done sometime this week but was looking into second batteries and don't want to go too overkill on power and spend too much. will the big three and the hc600 battery keep my voltage safe and the amp from clipping or should i get the hc800? i have this all in an 01 monte ls with the 3.4 lt v6 with stock alt. the amp is pushing a nightshade v1 15 with psi recone
  4. I want a an extra battery for my audio system. I drive a 2007 Ford Fusion 2.3L. I have an "ok" stock battery, not sure what, but I think it is Motorcraft BXT-96R. Anyway, I'll be upgrading it to Interstae Mega-Tron II. But that's not the topic, just extra info that you might want to know. My maximum amount of RMS power for my audio system is 2000W. I used the audio calculator to find the best battery for my needs for kinetikpower.com and 4xspower.com. They recommended XS Power XP2000 and Kinetik HC200. On SonicElectronix, they are almost the same price, so the price doesn't matter to me. Which one is known to be "better"?
  5. Can one external voltage regulators run two alternators, i bought two alts that are designed around my system and i want to know if i can run only one voltage regulator for both alts, The company sent two regulators but im trying to see if i can get away with using one.
  6. wats up guys this is my first buld log for my jeep. I will be running three sundown zv3 15"s in ten cubes tuned to 35 hz with two 8 " aero ports on two crescendo bc 3500s. Pictures will upoladed as im finish everything up by friday or saturday. so stay tuned. oops by the way this is going in a jeep srt8!!! Here is my baby jeep grand cherokee srt8
  7. tonight i am ordering a battery, some zero gauge and fuse holders and fuses and need help with what to get! the battery is between the hc800 or hc600. also was wondering what the krank it up battery is?i have the big three and only want something i need. i dont want to blow money on power i won't use. (i have the sundown sae1200d on a nightshade 15). the wring i was looking at was a 17 ft roll of cadence or i could find some knukoncepts not sure what the difference is. lastly i need fuse holders and fuses, was just gonna pick up some ebay ones that are cheap. anything wrong with those??
  8. I've had this truck for a few years now and I've had plans to do a big build/show car. its a 98 olds bravada. now long story short i hit a deer on the way to work a couple months back and kind of abandoned all future plans with it but a good friend of mine changed my mind so now its in the shop getting fixed and painted. the plans so far: 5 T1 12's 8 polk 6.5 pioneer double din kinetik 2400 and some other custom work heres the little boo boo i made heres where shes at as of today
  9. Hi guys, its been a while since Ive posted anything at all on this forum. I've been around lurking a few time hear and there and never lost interest in the hobby, but life happens and you don't always have time or money for the things you love. Well that's why I am back, technically we're back, this is going to be the build log of my hetero life mates 2016 ford focus st3. We've bullsh!ted about doing a build here and there, but now things are finally underway. Let us start by saying the "stock" radio isn't exactly horrible, its done him well so far but we both knew from the beginning it was never going to be enough. So after a few sessions talking about what we could do, what he wants out of it, and what would be best for his music tastes, we decided on somewhat of a SQL system. Then more talking and researching this is where we are currently at... The power-plant.. 4/0 Big 3 Upgrade(because why not) Kinetik HC2000-PRO under the hood US Alternator high output alt 2. In the middle Crescendo S800.4 2x Crescendo Mezzo SQ2 comp sets Rockford fosgate 3sixty.3 12 awg knukoncepetz speaker wire 50ft each of knukonceptz OFC 1/0 awg Red/Black 60+ sqft damplifier pro 50+ sgft luxury liner pro 3. In the back Crescendo 5.5K FI Audio BTL Neo 15" 8 awg "speaker" wire Now I know ill probably catch people asking why the 5.5k when we could easily get by with something smaller, but that's what we settled on, and running at 2 ohms should work out great. Besides that we know we have a lot work ahead of us, but we've already started. I've played with a few ideas on different enclosures, and have a general idea of how we are going to fit the system in under the factory rear gate cover. Stock there is about 40in wide and about 15" high and about 23" deep of room. But if we build our own false floor to replace the factory one and remove the FULL size spare, we can easily free up another 5-7in of height. So that's what we are doing. Then plan currently is to build up and modest false floor and then house the 3sixty the factory amp and the 800.4 under neath it, with an extended USB port for the 3sixty inconspicuously located somewhere easily accessible once everything is installed, and possibly a fan or 2 to help keep everything cool under there. Well run 2 sets of power to the back under the car, possibly a ground or 2 as well seeing how thin all the sheet metal is back there. A distrobution block will be required in the back as well to feed power to the amps. the 3sixty will probably steal power from the factory radio, but maybe not. The doors will get the full treatment, hopefully we can form some sheet metal in all the dead air between the door frames(there will be pics a plenty). My having access to a full welding shop comes in handy there. We already got a decent amount of damplifier in the roof, but there really wasnt any room for the luxury liner and i dont think it would be crucial if it was left out so we did. Plus just getting the headliner out and back in again was enough of a headache. Currently the carpet and the seats are out and we're ready to start putting the damplifier on the floor and pillars and rear quarter panels. I'm sure Ill have more to add as the week goes on, but most of the progress that I'm helping with will be on the weekends, as we work opposite hours. (Note: Not everything as been purchased yet, some not for the lack of trying *cough*crescendo amps*cough*) TL;DR: Cool build incoming, Stay Tuned!
  10. in need of a 2500 watt rms amp for a budget system im looking for one that does 1250 at least at 2 ohm so 2500 at 1 ohm ill have about 300ish to spend I don't care if its used or new any suggestions right now I have my eye set on a hifonics brx2400.1d
  11. hello everyone. my current set up . DC Power alt 320amp. XS Power D6500 under hood. two Kinetik HC2400's in the trunk. Running One MA Audio HK4000D. with Sky High Audio 1\0 OFC Cable. rear battery bank grounded to the alt case....Now the new toys. I Picked up another MA Audio HK4000D. these are Amps are strappable. So Stapping them togethere For 7-8K ish. So... now I need a BIGGER Battery bank..... Option 1: Pick up 6 more Kinetik HC2400's for 8 in total......option 2: ditch the Kinetik Batteries and get 4 XS power D3100's. I am open to all Suggestions.. So is it option 1 or maybe option 2..or maybe option 3 (bank of your choice)please specify
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