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  1. my sub is brand new just a couple weeks and i still get a 2 ohm reading from each coil there is no scratching when i press in the cone
  2. MAX POWER (1 OHM) 3000W x 1 RMS POWER (1 OHM) 2400W X 1 RMS POWER (2 OHMS) 1600W X 1 RMS POWER (4 OHMS) 1000W X 1 SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO 100dB FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20-250Hz DIMENSIONS 21-3/4”L x 2”H x 6-7/8”W these are the specs and my box is tuned to 32
  3. well my set up is in my signiture and just today i clamped my amp using a 40hrtz -15db freq and got 10.6ac amps and 47.4 acV wich is only giving me say 500 watts wich isnt even close to what i should be getting out of my bb2400.1 amp so im thinkn something is wrong with my batterys or alt.. not sure and my sub is wired at 1ohm i should be getting somthing like 2000watts
  4. that kinda what i was thinkn. im probably going for a better battery next cause Im using two cranking batterys now and i get the dimming light effect. perhaps that will greatly improve my amps performance
  5. thats what i thought just wasnt sure... thanx will just have to start saving up again
  6. my system was loud as shit but after a having it for a couple of weeks it just isnt the same but is still loud.. so i gotta ask is it just me or is something wrong? could i be just getting used to it. it happens everytime i upgrade.
  7. well that makes me feel a bit better on the distortion wit music part.. I guess maybe I will try it both ways with the sub level on the hu and see if i can hear a difference but will have to wait for my sub to get here.
  8. Ok probably a dumb question but ima ask neway i set my gains on the hu, fr amp, and sub amp with the disc as im supposed to and all is good. and for shits and giggles i played music and tested my amps with the dd1 and get a solid distort light light on my full range amp and a flashing on the subwoofer amp. Is this normal??? everything sounds fine just dont want too damage my equipment... Question 2, I have a Kenwood kdc-hd548u and it has a sub level -15-+15 adj as of now I have it set at 0 but after researching some say crank it up then set gains and some say keep it flat then set gains. so idk wich is better level high gain low or level flat and gain high????THANKZ
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