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  1. 6&7 both in black! I can't seem to keep a white shirt white easly, always end up getting hands dirty or having to go something
  2. Get to work rusty!!!!! Hahaha but lmfao that's funny.. Someone needs to "do" this song for demo purposes... Hahaha
  3. Upload picture to photobucket, tiny pic or image shack then post the image url here
  4. Completely off Topic for the wire, but for engine.. say it made 400 and 500 hp bone stock. The 400 hp motor, dyno tune, headers, cam, exhaust, cold air intake, gears, certain fluids.. could make the 400 hp motor more powerful for less or same price then the 500 hp motor
  5. seems that if everyone that said they wanted one still wants one or however many. that's like 42 sold.. but i agree on pre order, then sell the rest.. i'd be interested in a couple if the money is right when they come out.. but i still need a vm-1, dd1 also haha
  6. you sir are correct i love reading your stuff, even though it takes me a while and a couple hundred re reads to understand it.. haha
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