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  1. New video posted from Sema 2021' - Daniel Powell's - Old Silver - Jacar Audio

  2. My "RealTime" Videos are coming back! Check out my latest one with Wyatt's DD Audio Van powered by Taramps !

  3. Who remembers when I use to post my "REALTIME" videos? Well they are coming back
  4. Have a few areas on the page been hacked? I keep seeing lots of spam posts?

    1. Karkov


      Please report to a mod?  IDK...

    2. SnowDrifter


      There's been a friggin' ridiculous spam campaign going on for a couple weeks now

      Literally thousands of messages. Like, browser crashing level trying to load in everything and keep on top of it.

      If you stumble on any I missed, reports are super helpful! <3

    3. audiofanaticz


      yea, forum needs a good ol fashioned update to get rid of the crap that sneaks past the filters

  5. New video posted! Car audio this time :)  6 21" subwoofers !!! Super low bass

  6. New video posted! This time it's my footage from the Surf City Sound Off 2019-2021! Go check it out in the off topic section! :)

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