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    The chase of a 50 on the termlab.

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  1. Tomorow I am moving to bellingham for work. anyone around there?



      Bellingham Washington?

    2. Impalalpine


      Awesome im actually from Bremerton washington but i currently live is Illinois state. Washington is a beautiful state man dont ever leave it. lol

  2. Waiting three weeks for the sub's I ordered to ship FTL

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ImaNoob
    3. Krakin


      Most likely Fi lol.

    4. ImaNoob


      Thats what i was thinking..Im waiting too..

  3. Just bought the last SQ-HDS300-12 they had. #soundqubedboner

    1. Alpine12


      Damn you i was just about to order 2 12" on thursday.

    2. Impalalpine


      Sorry dood. The HDS300-15s are going to be back in stock mid march. Hopefully the 12's are the same story, cause I need one more too.

  4. Has anyone ever seen a RF Prime 1200's guts?

    1. Karkov


      Seriously not being a smart ass but have you Google searched Rockford Fosgate Prime 1200 amp guts on images? they show a Power series and Marine series and some other I would assume are what you are asking for?

    2. Kyblack76
    3. DirtE30


      just posted in amp guts. go take a peek if you'd like.

  5. I could be wrong but i'm pretty sure you can buy at anytime from people. you just cant sell untill 750 posts. and for that you do it like the rest of us. there are no shortcuts
  6. Vote Soccerballz for SOTM. or you're a little baby

    1. dog24fret


      I ain't no baby :(

      I got irongiant ya youngen lol

  7. wtf? engine had to cost more than the car. Koenigegg are my doods
  8. Put sugar in my coffee for the first time in my life. testicles shrank..feel like a girl

    1. Kyblack76


      Capt Morgan next time

  9. That's me. sometimes on purpose to watch the snow in the rearview mirror. makes me feel like a WRC driver...I am a WRC driver. No you're not. You're a douche. How would you feel when all that falling and blowing snow causes an accident? geeez the hate, people don't use the roads when there is snow round here. I'm aware of those around me. I have enough anxiety as it is, I'd rather not put someone else in a sketchy situation.
  10. That's me. sometimes on purpose to watch the snow in the rearview mirror. makes me feel like a WRC driver...I am a WRC driver.
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