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  1. I visited at 4:27pm. or was it 3:27. shit, forgot. but know it was X:27 CST yesterday and posted it, but now its not showing my comment? did it get removed somehow? anyways, thanks for the opportunity. Second Skin FTW!
  2. same, used to play the shit out of it. but haven't played in months. thinkin about starting again. the new dlc comes out soon doesnt it? cant wait for a new raid anyone feel free to add me. My gt is: Mr DeeBeez same as my username here.
  3. I have a pair of Rockford Fosgate power 6x8's that these would go behind. would love to give these a shot in my 2006 Ford Fivehundred! thanks for the awesome giveaway! liked on facebook.
  4. I haven't played the one in about a month or 2, but I was hooked on destiny. A lot of my friends loved evolve, but i bought it and sold it about a week later, i didnt care for it. I Just hope they let you play skate 3! the skate series was always my favorite to play on 360
  5. I have also experienced the same issue. Hasnt happened for a couple of days, but it happened to me too. same set up as you. Chrome and windows 7
  6. Welcome! Great to see someone from Wisconsin! There aren't many around here who love car audio. Where in Wisconsin are you from?
  7. if your like anyone on here, once you get a set up, you will want it to be louder. i wouldnt worry about under powering a sub. it will still sound very good. and if later on you want more, they can take more
  8. So I'm officially Hooked on car audio shows. Drove 2.5 hours one way last weekend, and now driving 2 hours tomorrow for another one. Love it!

  9. On my way to my first audio show! Only an hour and a half more to drive!

    1. cthedinger
    2. Kyblack76


      Have fun. I'd got to a audio show ever weekend if I was able.

    3. Mr DeeBeez

      Mr DeeBeez

      Oh I'm having A blast! Lenny is here with his dirty hoe. 6 smd 18s. Oh god this will be good. I'll post vids later.

  10. well i'm definitely tuned in! cant wait to see this. gonna be crazy!!!
  11. Could an admin please change my name to Mr DeeBeez I would appreciate it very much!
  12. yeah its not bad. i really like their speaker wire too. i use their 8 speaker wire for the wiring inside my sub boxes and to my amp. Love the orange and black too
  13. I used this wire to do my big 3 the first time. not bad for the price. Very flexible too.
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