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  1. Both my Jeeps are slow. My 01 and 09. But who cares? They are fun off road not sports cars.
  2. Did you get that from Jake? I recognize those allen bolts. I put those in for him if you did.
  3. It was delivered today according to Fedex.
  4. I'm here. We corresponded a little and I gave him a heads up. I sent him the tracking number and got it out to him. I'll admit I could have sent it out quicker but I had a personal problem to take care of and was out of town.
  5. That exact thought was going through my head as I scrolled down and saw your post There is ABSOLUTLY nothing wrong with DDM. In fact I just ordered some for my Jeep about an hour ago. That is why I clicked on this in the first place.
  6. Haha, I read it wrong and thought it said any SPEAKER guys in here. I clicked expecting hilarity to ensue. I fail at the netz
  7. Incriminator Audio? Throwing it out there. Or ***. Both make some legit products. I've never heard the subs in question but ParkerG and some others swear by them. They do look sexy I'll give them that.
  8. Nice car. Pics of the equipment? I hate we never get good stuff like this over here.
  9. Yup. Going to try and get around to building a box for it tomorrow.
  10. Nope 2 ohm. Its a dual 4 sub. This amp does 718@ 2 and 995@ 1. Not bad numbers at all. Oh AND 110 x 4 @ 4 ohm. Another forum. I'll sell it to ya............ for the right price.
  11. Some new stuff. Just came in. FINALLY got this. And won this in a raffle. Lvl3 12" Thanks Jpagan1993 And together. Now I need some new 1/0 awg wire, some T1652-s sets, and some kick pods and I'm good to go. Oh and build a box too.
  12. Personally I like paper cones sound. I haven't tried a DC yet (mine is on the way) but from what I understand the customer service is excellent. As far as Kicker goes, I have used them and I liked them. But like I said, I like paper cones sound better. CaptainPlaznetz has a good shop and that helps just in case something happens. I'm sure Kicker will stand behind their product but I don't know how hard it will be to go directly through them for a warranty issue. Also I don't know how they work as far as authorized dealers. Some things to look into/ think about.
  13. I didn't I was just hoping no one else would see it for a few weeks. Send me a shipped price to 60087 please.
  14. Nothing wrong with punk. I have a Misfits tattoo. Look forward to the build thread.
  15. Is that a Misfits poster on your wall? Nice gear he's got. I'm looking forward to getting my Lvl 3 in the maill soon so I can see the build quality myself. Hurry up and get a build thread going. Whats this going in?
  16. Just throwing an idea out there because it sounds like he may want to upgrade down the road. Why not get a nice 2 channel and bridge it. That way if he does decide to get another sub or even some different subs he can still use the amp to run a nice set of comps or something. Again, just throwing an idea at ya.
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