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  1. Yeah it’s possible I had the same issue with my brothers deck since they were factory speakers we just Set the rcas at max and didn’t worry about the factory stuff
  2. the Amp produces distortion also that’s why you have to dd1 every item in the line when you use it... the dd1 is used to match the voltage from the deck so if it hits 2 volts and it produces the 1% distortion the light comes on.. and not seeing the 1k as long as it sees it before the distortion light comes on then it should be ok. I’m assuming..... my deck had 0 distortion with volume all the way up and with the sub out all the way up... but it’s also a 4 volt output
  3. whats the rep on that alt company? you can put as many runs to that rear battery as you want that doesnt seem like your issue your grounds might be bad and you don't realize it 2 runs should be fine unless you have shitty undersized wire maybe one of your batts is bad also
  4. his electrical isn't up to par with running at .5 ohms in my opinion ...... what was your setting at where was the knob at when setting with the dd-1
  5. You can put a cap on the headlights ca&e did it when the mag was still around and it worked to stop dimming... lights are sensitive to the slightest drop in voltage
  6. watched all of them when they posted but for the life I me I don’t remember sometime in the next few days I’ll have to watch them again
  7. uhh never mind guess im wrong only texts can be muted and sent to another tab
  8. i know trying to repair water damage after insurance cancelled the work order so i said fuck it ill do it myself... keep running into other problems.. i dont mind doing it when its straight forward but fuuuuckkk im so done lol
  9. always wanted a stroker seeing pics of it in 95 96 when i got my cerwin vega home speakers is what got me interested in car audio mostly
  10. eehhh ive seen alot of douchebag comments from Sean.... you can't blame f.i for stopping making oem for others.. and you cant blame them for ssa and xfire not having stock when they should have had a stock built up. and franks comment wish there was more details it just seems hes talking shit with out any substance my opinion though
  11. I would try after the lc2 see if you can get a signal...
  12. why not just send the motors in to dc and have them build the subs for you?
  13. i went from like 4 20oz of pop a day to 1 monster a day and a pop only when i go to a restaurant.. it comes and goes but when it comes its like im pissing blood out my but lol going to try to change my diet the first of the year to see if it helps but still need to find out why it happens and when it happens im so freaking tired all the time that i do nothing but sleeep
  14. im not in pain or anything so dont need one and they burned off all the roids they found just cant find where the blood is coming from they want to do another colonoscopy so just have to call the dr for an appointment
  15. sorry to hear that hope the find something out soon.. in the same boat kind of.. drs cant figure out why im bleeding had hemroids .prolapse surgery twice just dont want to deal with it..it makes me anemic forget to take my iron pills everyday 600mg so im tired all the time wanting to build something but cant at the moment
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