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  1. Ass on Houston Texas, but the face looks just like Claire Hugstible OH!

    1. Wood
    2. iwannabeloud


      Claire Huxtable is a beautiful woman.

  2. Its a fact that the dmm and clamp wont figure in power factor. But at the end of the day 99% of users only care about the end result and not so much how your arrived there. Hence back wood hill billy rigged fixes.. if it "works", who cares how kinda logic. So if you come up with 783va vs 779w most ppl simply do not care how you got there or how unreliable the va number is.. all they know is the correct undisputable method is prohivitively more expensive. As long as that remains true, getting the masses to covert to the truth will always remain a struggle. Smd/ ce products are actually really damn good. And its nice the kits come sorted with everything you need and half assembled, but if china still sell what appears to be a close alternative ie:. Stinger or ebay meters or cheap harbor freight clamps and stuff alot of ppl find it difficult to justify spending 300% more or something. All ppl care about is the bottom line. Cost. Its proven over and over. Even if they end up spending or replacing more later down the road.
  3. Good Morning.

    1. evermaxx


      Glad to know you made it thru the purge.

    2. Miguels


      i thought you quit car audio?

    3. ROLEXrifleman


      The purge, that's great!!

  4. I guess Ill see if im bant in the am.

  5. Nice amp for sure. I just have a quick question. What exactly is the dynamic test? I mean it seems a little odd. It seems to me like a possible 1 sec number, when lightning strikes, like a max rating. Nothing against the amp. Nothing against the test either. Im sure the test is accurate and has its validity, but I cant see where that applies for most of us. Its like an in kick SPL score for us window guys. The score is still valid in its own right, but its not really meaningful to our standard of scoring. If that makes any sense.
  6. Im am a cost vs performance person mostly, but cost aside, My favorite woofer is DD. It just sounded much better and cleaner than anybother woofers and ive heard many like most of us. The only downside being cost, but I got it second hand .. Amps wise, I have say sundown only because I put my 3k through a ton and it never skipped a beat. But that being said most quality korean amps are fairly similar so id be less inclined to pick say sundown or crescendo I wouldnt say one is a lot better than the other. Especially given some of the price points these days.. Hu wise I prefer pioneer. I have used about 6 brands and I just thing the UI is better and I prefer the look as well over say sony, alpine, jvc, kenwood etc. For the most part wire is wire. Out of the top 4 brands or so that you can trust, no big deal. Batteries I havent tried enough brands really say and even though I run xs sometimes I wonder if 300 per bat plus is really worth it. Alternator wise. Man alts are tricky pain in ass things. And expensive. From my experience, dont mess around go dc or mechman the first time.
  7. Like meade said its a story. Stories are alwayyys better when their true. Like think about some crazy ass story idk like war stories and shit. I mean I could cry thinking about the pain amd sufferring people went through and the struggles and shit and what those ppl did fpr me so I could live my life and not have to fight everyday just to be freee etc etc. But all that is moving bc its true. Shit actually went down. Like so many sacrifices were made. That was ppls everyday fucking life watching thier families get murdered in the street. What if suddenly all that was false. It loses ALL OF ITS VALUE. And w.e that value is , is different for eaxh person I agree with you there. But for me, speaking the truth means alot. Or at least what I percieve to be true.
  8. When did being accused of shooting someone make you real? Guess Im getting oldBecause there are a lot of people making money off of fake imagines now a days. So are we supposed to applaud him for being an actual piece of shit and not just pretending to be one? No, but it drives me crazy when ppl just talk talk talk and its alllllll bull. I hate that guy whos like I fucked this bitch and I beat this guys ass and if you gonna pull a gun better use it guy. When everybody knows hes a bitch. Like isaid Im condoning anything. It is what it is. But at least on some level I respect the man who speaks the truth. Because no one likes a fake and no body likes a liar. Its like lil wayne. He used to be pretty good imo for w.e thats worth. And I found out to a decent level of certainty that he had ghost writers... that kinda puts a sour taste in my mouth. And it shows in his shitty music today. If eminem came out tomorrow and said joe schmoe wrote my shit. Id be not crushed but pretttty pissed off. And disappointed. And just hearing all the piece of shit ppl who r fakes get rich off of lies just pisses me off. Thats if you can even understand the fucking mangled drug overdosed shit they say. I cant say I can relate to alot shit jeezy says, but a tiny portion of it and if havent lived it ive either seen it or someone around me has.. so I enjoy it. Much the same for eminem, talk about being able to relate. "Everything you say is real and I respect you because you tell it"
  9. I like how the filter is actually marked throughout the range. I always thought that would be helpful for users..as long as its right anyway
  10. Put me down for 4 entries I forgot to make a donation for ALS. So I'm happy to put my money where my mouth is and help a good cause. Thanks for posting this bc I woulda been too lazy to go and make a donation otherwise
  11. I agree 25 was terrabad. Ill wait till holiday season and buy it for 30.
  12. H3 always says hes the realest out there. Guess so. Not condoning shootin someone, but if you walk it like you talk it no matter what the context is, I can respect that. Then again who am I kidding I could be totally wrong too lol.
  13. The same thing happens to me every once in a while error 2000. Almost exclusively on mobile too. Usually goes away within 12 hours.
  14. And since when Is crescendo cheap? I got my bc2000 for 325. Awesome amp. Ran at .5 daily zero issues. The price went up to like 450 though... f that
  15. Well yea you gotta raise hell etc. Otherwise dont even bother calling..
  16. Yea at 2 ohms that amp could do well over 900w.. but notnlikely after rise etc.. Maybe your alt doesmt do much if anything and your slowly pull the batts down while the alt cant keep up and go into low voltage protect after 3 min or so..
  17. It is possible to cut your own hair... I do it all the time. With a xouple morrors and a steady hand its not that hard.
  18. I personally wouldn't charge them that high daily. Theres no need for it, and unless your slamming your system allll day then the batts will just be getting over charged for long periods of time while driving for no reason. I know certain cars pcm purposefully drops the batt charging voltage to 13.5 ish at times and thats to preserve battery life over the long haul. I know that over charging xs batts is bad because if you cause any of the sealed gases to escape, they obvi dont come back and the batt is toast. I dont know at what poiny or extreme that happens though. If you want a fraction more power at a show or are just trying to top em up etc before a burp sure go for it. Errrryday, whats the point besides slowly mauling your batts?
  19. And whats wrong about this?? It may be more precaution then anything else, but there is electrical noise in electonic systems. It is comonplace to shield signals and or keep them apart to ensure that any noise isnt picked up..Try running some coax rcas and strip all the shielding off and leave just the conductor and see how noisy it gets. It may be a practice of precaution, and in many peoples car it might not make a difference, but it makes perfect logical sense. You dont have to run fuses either, but you do it anyway just in case.
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