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The Big Oki's Ground Pounder

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ok here is the link to his album, for some reason or another the pictures do not show up when using Internet Explorer if you have Firefox it works Great

Gonna try and get him over here to talk about his SICK ASS VW.

ohh and by the way, he bassraces in the 150 to 159.9 class I think it does a 158ish in bassrace


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Wow, I love that flare on the front of the wall, looks great!



Previous 150+ daily rides:

Volvo 240 wagon 2 x DD Audio 9915s walled, Isuzu Trooper 6 x DD Audio 3515s walled clamshell, Lexus LX470  2 x Kicked Solo X 18s, Lexus LS400 4  x American Bass HD18 walled

SMD - System of The Month August 2008

My Youtube Videos

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woots!! that looks awesome!!! vids ??


2015 Evo X WW

Forgestar F14 18s --Rally Armour Mudflaps

ETS 3.5" FMIC, CAI, Open Dump DownPipe, Test Pipe, Ultimate Racing Catback, BLEVINS TUNE, Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers


Crescendo Mezzos x2

Crescendo 800.4, 1500.1

Loaded Fi Q12

Second Skin Pro

XS D5100

RF 360.2

Sky High Audio Wiring



1999 Grand Prix GTX

3.8L S/C-few modsWheels: Ruff Racing 280 19x8.5 Sub: Fully Loaded

12" Fi BTL Amps: Autotek MM3000.1d Sundown SAX-100.4HU/Tweets/mids:

Alpine D310 + H701, TBI HDSS tweets, Mpyr audio 65m x4extra sheit:

knukonceptz 0, 4, rcas, speaker wire EA 200amp alt HC 2400


Financial Consultant- Charles Schwab

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bad ass install bro.

2-DC 15XLM2 D.7s

1-DC 5K amp

(1) XS Power D6500(UNDERHOOD) and (1) XS3000(REAR)

3 runs 1/0ga for power and 2 runs of 1/0ga for negative.

(2)-RFT165s components, ...... 4 separate 1 inch tweetersRF T600-2(fronts) Punch 450.4(rear)

Audiocontrol 3.1.

DC power 260amp alternator w/MLA Module

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