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Mossberg 500 gold series :yahoo:

no pics cuz i have to wait another 8 days :shrug:

13 Kia Forte Build!

07 Hyundai Accent Build

***Super Seller***


And then he gets to say ok all you guys were right. im sorry for being a dummy poo poo head.


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Union Bay Racing built Rotax 583.. came in a sled of course ; )


What is that?

A 2-stroke motor.. in a snowmobile.

MickyMcD - "Capable of making some serious trouser flapping volumes at where's-my-testicles frequencies, the Servo-Drives used to be fairly jaw dropping..."

Any time you have have a power wire next to your frame put some rubber hosing (or cut up an innertube) around it. The wire is bound to wiggle (due to driving or flex) and the casing will eventually wear through.

Hammerdown... 1%

no links to outside websites, business related FB/YT pages allowed.

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1998 SS/T Ram Build Log

- Kenwood KVT-514 and KNA-G510 Navigation

- 2 DC Level 3 12"

- Components???

- Sundown ???

- Sundown???

- Knu Konceptz

- Second Skin Dampy Pro

- XS D6500

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I just bought a brand new Memphis 15'' HPO, I'm buying most of this stuff, because it was my birthday yesterday! I've got $200 left to spend...

I got it for $135, :shrug:




''Old School Build''

maybe it sounds like an 18 cause theres 3 fucking "port" holes ghetto drilled in the "box"

190 db when your done?

Yea that's the lowest decibal ill be satisfied with when I'm done like I said its stage one and I lost my job u guys should consider shit instead of just talk it


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my next buy will be a PAC LC-1 anybody know the best website to pic one up?

2014 Chevy Silverado Crewcab

1994 Chevy Full Size blazer

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Ebay. Got mine for like 11shipped iirc

90 Nissan 240sx

Avic z-140bh

Audison SR4

Audison Voce 6.5s

CDT es-20 tweeters

Sundown 1500v3

(2) DD 9510's

3 cube box 2 6" aeros

XS Power D2400 & Xp950

Skyhigh/Knukonceptz/Rockford Fosgate wiring

More Coming Soon.. Check my builds below.

97 Civic Hatch Build

86 Caprice Build

you can pick up a chick in a car... I think it'd be hard to roll up mackin on a broad sittin on a sundown. My opinion

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TacoBellXXLChalupa-thumb-500x335.jpgtaco bell- xxl steak chalupa

mmmmmmm :)

Edited by 95legwagon

i think there real i was looking through that guys stuff he sells and it looks like he finds stuff at auctions and just sells it

Yea, it looks like someone got the mids about a month ago....shit. If I had a whole Hertz front stage my ears would jizz all over my cheeks.


My Low Budget Build:

Green 1995 Subaru Legacy wagon 147k- $1K

headunit- pioneer premier deh-p650-$25

4 Lead acid batts. 1 up front and 3 in back- vented outside.- $50

4 vvme L11 10"s <- $30 shipped a piece

6 cu. ft box (after displacment) tuned to 32ish hz with 10 inch sonotube. -about $50 all together maybe a lil more

2 aspm 1300 strapped

Selenium 6"s in the front doors on headunit power- for now -$20

quantum tweets in door-for now -$10

boston acoustic 5 1/4 in rear doors- for now-Free

big 3

1/0 and 4awg throughout.

roof sound deadened (not peel n seal ftw)-free

on 80 amp alt (bench tested to put out 100 amps faithfully) <--?-$10 for test

about $430 for everything<----Not bad at all

still gotta add 3 way crossover, amp for front and rear door speakers and maybe eq

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the AR and the marlin 795 already had the 870


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2001 gmc seirra

5.3 auto 3.73 locked rear, long tube headers, offroad y pipe, duals, cai, black bear tune, 2/4 drop, 22s, rockford fosgate mods and highs and 4 ab hd 15s and a ab 750.1

1995 civic

1.5 auto slower then hell, dropped on coil overs, ex hub caps, 2 12 trunk, have 450 bucks in the car and gets 35 mpg

1992 s10

being bagged, shaved, and small stereo. right now a pile of parts

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