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Port facing up? or port facing hatch? 1997 blazer

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I have 2 15" AB HD's in a 8cubft box in the back of my blazer with the slot port facing up and the subs inverted and me and my buddy DAN have been arguing, he thinks i should put the subs non-inverted and turn the box so the port is facing the hatch, he thinks i will get one or two DB's by doing this so i figured i would ask my SMD family what they think...........WELL??????

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port loading off the hatch is usually loudest in blazers... so your buddy would be correct lol you could definately see a gain..but best would likely be subs ^^^ port back

This isn't teeball. YOU DO NOT GET A TROPHY JUST BECAUSE YOU SHOW UP. Put the work in and then maybe get the respect when it has been earned

151.6 with single 12 at 41 hz

153.2 with 2 12's at 43 hz

power: dd m4

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I had my 4 15s. In my trailblazer subs and and port up. When I changed to subs up port back it definitely did better on the tl

HEADUNIT:Pioneer AVic d3

WIRING: 8 runs of 1/0 knu gnd and pwr

BATTERIES: 1 shuriken bt80 upfront 4 in the back

COMPONETS:powerbass 3xl in front dooors powerbass xl in back doors 6.5s

AMPS: 2 powerbass xa3000d powerbass Asa 400.4

SUBS: 4 db drive plw 15s

ENCLOSURE:12.7 cubes 32hz

ALT: 150a stock for now

VEHICLE:05 chevy trailblazer sitting on 24s

iTRADER FEED BACK http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/itrader.php?u=1289

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