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i wanna buy a good amp to load 2 12" sony subs DVC 400 rms each or 2 kenwood 12" SVC 400 rms each so i did my research and i've heard about

this amp


PD2000.1 2000 Watt


is it a good and reliable amp or not

is there any alternatives ?? and plz dot tell me to buy a rockford or sundown etc ..... ""I CAN'T AFFORD""

plz this is so important to me i need advise


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You gonna hook all 4 subs up on this amp? And have them in the same box?

Edit: just saw the or. Well it depends on what the ohm on the subs are. You say Sony is DVC but is it 4, 2, or 1? Same for the kenwood... SVC 4, 2, 1?

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And then he gets to say ok all you guys were right. im sorry for being a dummy poo poo head.


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That amp is just barely fused for 2000w, would probably start popping fuses doing 2000@12v... Why not a smaller amp? You're gonna need to do some electrical work to run 2kw.

I'm gonna hate

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I have the pd2000.1 on 1 sa-15 at 2 ohms for now till i get my second one and i tell you what that amp has that sa-15 movin!!!! its deff. does rated. Cant wait till i get my second sub. lol

We don't have alot of neighbors so we can blast the stereo.

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they can do rated...i have one... just not a fan of it.. gets hot as hell... just not a fan of it honestly all around..it does put out power but like alpine said..its cheap/dirty power

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153.2 with 2 12's at 43 hz

power: dd m4

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