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Best Amp for 2 SA-12 D2's???

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I was wondering what amp would be best for 2 SA-12 D2's

2003 Honda Element

Pioneer DEH-9400BT

Big 3

XS Power D5100

Sky High CCA (2 Runs 1/0 Gauge)

2 XS Power D3100s

1 DC Audio 3.5k @ 1ohm.

2 DC Level 4's w/ XL Softies

Custom Box tuned to 29hz

CT Sounds 125.4

2 Sets of CT sounds Meso Components

*North East Frequencies*

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well if you have to ask, i'm gonna say a sundown saz/sae/sax 1200d @.5 if you've got any upgrades to your electrical.

c'mon now, if i was shooting an 8 year old, it wouldnt be MY 8 year old.

i recently got a Pyle PL1590BL and i was building an enclosure for it tuned to 25 hz. i didn't have any tools to cut a circle so i hit it with a big hammer.

2003 Infiniti G35 Sport Sedan

Build in Progress

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Depending on budget and electrical any 1000+ watt amp will be fine my wife's sa-12 is only getting 600 watts and she loves it

2004 Escalade Ext

Pioneer avh8400

Kicker ix500.4

Kicker ix1000.1

Kicker hyperflex 0+4 awg

Sundown X-15

Sundown Sa-6.5c x2

KnuKonceptz 4 channel Rca

Rockford Fosgate 2 channel Rca

SkyHighCarAudio 14awg speaker wire

Build Log

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bc3500 at 2 ohm

Used to have a loud truck

2009 Corvette Z06, H/C/I, 150 shot, g force tune, 730rwhp/690rwtq

2013 F-150 limited, MPT Tune, leveled on 35"s

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2k, have mine on a kicker 2500.1, and they love it :P

2006 Mazda3 Hatchback Black 5 Spd Manual
Pioneer 4300DVD
2 Sundown SA-12 (34hz Tune, 3.22 cubes, 14.5 inches per cube, Triple Baffle)
Kicker 10ZX2500.1 (2845 RMS) Sub Amp
Kicker 11ZX650.4 (705 RMS) Mid Amp -- (3 Amps)
Kicker KQ3 Active Crossover
Kicker KQ30 Equalizer
Kicker 09QS60.2 Components (Woven Carbon Cones)
Kicker 09QS65.2 Components (Woven Carbon Cones) - (3 Sets)
2/0 Gauge Electron Beam Technologies (3 Runs, 2 +, 1 -)

1/0 Gauge KNU Kollasal Flex (1 Run for -)

300 Ft Kicker X-Series 16 Gauge Speaker Wire
XS Power D3400 (Rear)
XS Power D3100 (Front)
Singer Externally Regulated Alternator (Being Built)

+ The Love for Car Audio and BASS <3

UBL Build Log <------- Click Here-------> Normal Build Log (For Comments)

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Do the Crescendo BC 2000 at .5 ohm. Since Crescendo's are backed up on warranty for .5. Just make sure you have some beefy electrical.

1996 GMC Sonoma
Four Fi BTL Neo 18's In 2:1 6th Order Bandpass
2 Ampere 5k's @ .5



On 10/20/2013 at 0:37 AM, KillaCam said:

Fucking with a Prius driver is like making fun of a disabled kid. Pussies.

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