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Roadmaster Wagon Build - DC Level 6, NSB170s, Kicker Warhorse! Vid Pg 3!

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Skip to 3/4 down page 2 (post 37) for the good stuff.

The Roady!

Picked up a new winter daily driver / tow vehicle for my track cars. Also for my system too. The retired car's thread is located here: http://www.stevemead...-lvl-5-18-36hz/

After much debate, I decided that a Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon would be perfect for the following reasons:

- 5000lb towing capacity
- Can fit a 4x8' sheet of plywood in the back
- V8 Rear Wheel Drive (I'm a huge fan of RWD)
- Parts are cheap and easy to find
- Not a truck
- Decent Gas Mileage - 15/23 (I get between 17 and 19mpg depending how I drive)
- Massive interior space for a stereo system
- Lots of room and easy access for doing a dual alternator setup
- Third row REAR facing seats!
- Seats 8, legally!

I did a lot of looking and settled on this beauty. I really wanted a 1994+ due to them having the LT1 V8 which is 80hp more than the L05 in the earlier ones, but this thing was too good of a deal, i couldnt pass it up.

- new paint job 2 years ago, fixed all of the rust as well as removed all side molding and wood grain (kinda like the woodgrain, but this looks nice too)
- 17" rims (I think they're ugly...reminds me of cheap walmart hubcaps, but w/e) with 4000 mile old tires!
- Snow tires on stock rims - only 500 miles on them!
- 141,000 miles, mechanic owned for the last 3 years, was a hearse before then (ikr?!) so it was well maintained.

Anyway, here's a picture of it the day I bought it:

TONS of room!

Got the snow tires on her:

System details, etc. in next post. Stay Tuned!

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The System!

Here's the planned system. It's going to take some time to get all of this, so the main build will be a bit slow, but I have some fun plans in the meantime.



2x DC Audio Level 6 18's (need to sell my Level 5 M1s first, so it may take a while for this to happen)

Note: I know I'll be underpowering these, but I want the headroom in case I end up upgrading my amps at some point.

Sub Amps:

4 of the new Audiopipe APSM2000s. 2 strapped per sub.

Head Unit:

Sony DSX-S200X - http://www.crutchfie...-DSX-S200X.html


4 Earthquake TW-35S Screamers 1.5" dome with replaceable voice coils - http://www.earthquak...om/tweeters.htm


Going to try out a pair of 8" Audiopipe PA mids...will probably be upgraded at some point

Mids and Tweeter amp:

Audiopipe AP-1504 4 channel - http://www.audiopipe...ap/ap-1504.html


Haven't decided yet, but will be 4 12" home audio or PA woofers. 2 Per box, ported

Woofer Amps:

2 Audiopipe AP-3002 2 channel amps. 2 woofers bridged at 4ohm per amp - 640wrms - http://www.audiopipe...ap/ap-3002.html

Yeah, that's right, 1280wrms for woofers!



2 300amp HO Alts - (Haven't decided what brand yet)


Lots of KnuKonceptz CCA 0ga. 2 positive runs per alternator. Possibly the same for negative if it ends up being a gain vs chassis grounding

Some misc. OFC as well


4 Deep Cycle Marine batteries - (haven't made up my mind yet on what I want to do about these)

Onto the pictures, here's where I'm at:

Case o' APSM2000s!


Laid out with the second AP-3002 I picked up


Audiopipe 8" mids


All of my amps for the build:


The APSM2000s lined up:


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Some new toys I got for Christmas that will help with the build!

Quad multi-chemistry charger and 2 lightweight Lithium Ion batteries for my cordless tools. Also have 2 more of these batteries on their way:


TrueRMS Clamp Meter and DMM:


Craftsman Pro Plunge Router:


Did a quick install to get some bump in this beast for the time being.

Threw in my Level 5 15 and one of the APSM2000s...doesn't do bad for stock electrical:




Also swapped the ghetto Dual headunit for my sony (no pix) and the crappy RENEGADE 6x9s in the back with a pair of kickers I had laying around:


My next post will be my first fun project while waiting on the rest of the equipment I need. Stay Tuned!

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Ooooooo roadmaster wagon. Off to a great start man

Thanks man!

6th Order Bandpass Enclosure for Alpine Type R 12

So, for my first side project! I recently aquired an Alpine Type R 12 very cheap. Came in an OBCON vented box. Decided to have some fun with it.

I've always wanted to try a 6th order, and this is the perfect time since I'm waiting for the good stuff.

At first I was planning on building an ABC box but decided to give a 6th order a chance (can always convert it to an abc later.)

My goal is to get good response from 20hz to 60hz+. According to winisd, this box design should meet those requirements.

Here is the response graph compared to a standard 40hz ported box:


This is the fun part. The cone excursion graph is the fun part. 1000watts and keeping control down to 22hz!


Quick sketchup. Model not finished, but it gives you an idea of the layout. Wood is cut and ready, I'll be working on assembling it tonight.


2 4" precision ports per side, externally mounted.

Rear chamber ports will be around 33" long and front chamber will be around 15"

Should have more to post later tonight or tomorrow!

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sweet wagon man, looking forward to the build, but question, if you're gonna spend so much money on the subs why cheap out on mids, highs, and amps?

'93 Firebird Formula V8

H/U- Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X395

Mids/Highs Amp- Hifonics ZXI80.4

Wiring-KNU RCA's, Speaker Wire, And Two Runs Of Trystar 1/0

G34 Red Top and a 180amp Ford Alternator


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