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98 Honda Civic Gets A Refresh - Update page 20 - LED's, Glowing XS Logo,2 SMD VM-1's - 4/11/13

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I see a ping pong table that is calling my name lol! Good shit can't wait to see it with the smd's. When is that resin coming out?

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2006 Chevy Trailblazer ~ KX 1200.1 ~ 2 Skar VVX 15" ~Big 3 upgrade ~ Pioneer AVH 4100 ~ 275 Amp Singer Alt ~ PRV 6.5 front doors~ 6000K Hids

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It cracks me up when you have your wife come in for a hair trick, it seems every time you do, she gets this look in her eye that just says "bitch, you makin your own sandwich for dinner tonight for this" lol.

Good shit though, think you can get her to come back in for a comparative hair trick/demo once the SMD V2's go in?

of course! also after i make an effort to seal off the wall the rest of the way. The flares are nice but they don't make an air tight seal. There is a 6" gap at the bottom too. Once i plug all that up it should get even more intense inside the cabin.
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dude I don't remember even seeing her hair fly like that in the videos with her and the Tahoe! that's awesome and the look on her face was priceless lol

Thanks I was pretty excited about the alt myself. kind of like a school girl, in a dress, on a swing. lol

It's warming up enough that the donut-punching cyclist douchenozzles are getting their two wheeled fagmobiles out.

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that shit got down damn!

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Love it. Can't wait to see SMD.

Fi/DC/SHCA/SMD fanatic
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Violet's Build:
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Big 3

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Diamond tweets

Mids (front) RF 6.5
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Sky High 12 g wire & heat shrink for 1/0 g
DB Link/Sky High Ring Terminals
2 - Fi BL 12's
Ported box tuned to 32
DC 175.4
DC 2k
D2700 and XP950 XS Batteries
Project DB connectors/step downs

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How are the RE's taking the power?

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Kicker 650.4

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I think he's taking it easy on the gain :D or once he smells them he turns them down haha

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I think he's taking it easy on the gain :D or once he smells them he turns them down haha

Makes me wanna hair trick haha. I never noticed you quoted was cfizzy said to me hahaha

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Does about as good as hairtrick as the hoe, if not a tad bit better. What is not sealed off? The bottom Im guessing?


2004 Bagged Trailblazer

(4)18" Sundown Nsv3s
(4) Taramps HD10000s, Taramps DSP3000, Lanzar opti 250x2, AB 100x4
(2)DC power SP 270s, (14)XS Power d3100s, (1)d6500


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