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Your first computer - what was it?

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Tandy RL 1000 you ain't old school if you don't know about Leisure Suit Larry... Lmao!

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2010 Mazda 3s 2.5L

Pioneer DEH-X9600BHS

Knu OFC 1/0 

SS Platinum AGM / XS Power XP750

Alpine PDX F-4 / Morel Maximo 5 + Coax 5

IA 10.1 / SSA XCON 12 



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Mines what I'm on now. Hp pavilion 512mb ram nvidia gt200 budget series. Hdd from day one I think. 320gb

Amd athlon cpu

*upgraded nvidia 9400gt gpu

And my current custom build.

I don't count school ones cuz they changed so much.

My SPL to SQ Build Log

1997 Dodge Dakota Ext Cab 4x4 2009 Dodge Journey SXT
5.2L V8 Magnum 3.5L V6
Stock Alt


Headunit- Alpine CDE-147BT

Mids/Highs Amp- JL Audio G6600 Class AB 6 Channel

Sub Amp- Hifonics BRZ1700.1D @ 2 Ohms Taramps DSP3000.1D

Sub- Hertz Hi Energy 12" HX300D SounDrive SDA3 12

Tweeters- Rockford Fosgate Power Series Silk Domes Hertz Hi-Energy

Mids- Dayton Audio Reference 4" Full Range Drivers 

Midbass- Silver Flute 6.5" Hertz Hi-Energy 6.5"

Processor- MiniDSP 2x4

RCA- 6 channels of SounDrive HF series

Wire- EB Flex 2/0


-Member of Team SounDrive

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back in 1995-6 my father bought a Pentium I 133mhz with 16ram... and 1gb of memory.. it didnt even has Windows on it.. just BIOS...

sometimes Loud is NOT pretty

Sounds like its safe to go ahead and bend that ass over.

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First computer ever was a 1998 Compaq given to me by my grandfather in 2003. 380MHz AMD K6-2 and 64MB. I actually put Windows XP on it after a RAM upgrade...

First computer I bought myself was a refurbished Apple iBook in 2006. Lasted a year, and the GPU burned up. Miserable PoS.

And now I have a kick-ass rig with a 2700k i7, 16GB, dual GTX560s, and some SSDs in RAID.

2007 Ford Escape V6

My "low-budget college kid build"

HU: Pioneer AVIC-X930BT

Mids/Highs: Rockford Prime 6.5"

M/H Amp: Rockford Prime R250-4

Subs: 2x Rockford Punch P1S4-12

Sub Amp: Rockford Prime R500-1D

Wiring: Knukonceptz KCA 4AWG

Box: 3/4" MDF, ~2 cubes tuned to ~40hz

5000K HIDs/LED signals and interior lights

...And an SMD VM-1!

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Texas instruments TI-99 4/A. Still have one actually.

I used to ride my bicycle like 4 miles to the public library to get books on how to program in Basic because thats all you could do with it without the cartridges. Good times.

That was like 20 years ago, lol

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I don't remember the brand we had for the first computer I remember in the house, but it was a basic DOS and we programmed all kinds of games. Like the Happy Birthday Train, lol. Then I remember upgrading to a Packard Bell with Windows, and I had a Compaq Presario laptop with Win 3.1 and docking station.

Just doin' my thing in the car audio. Still working on getting build forums up.

Gen Coupe


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Pentium 1 166MHz

2 gig harddrive

7 gig storage drive (added in later when 2 wasn't enough)

Some no-name Chinese motherboard that could also accept Cyrix and AMD CPUs

I can't remember the RAM

Windows 95.

2016 Ford Focus SE

No build log yet
DC Audio 1.2K
2x DC Audio Level 2 10"

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Commador 64 Here. Played the shit out of Bard Tales 3 Theives of Fate. There was also some racing game that you could change the gravity pull and everything in so when you hit a jump you would just keep going and going, Could go upstairs get a drink and come back down to the computer and you might have landed by then.

Lol i miss those days so much

1978 Chevy 3/4 ton Reg Cab Pickup Alpine 9887 Imprint Head Unit JL Audio HD600.4 (Mid Amp) JL Audio HD750.1 (Sub Amp) 2 x JL 13TW5 Shallow Sub's JL C5-650 Components in fiberglassed door mod JL ZR800-CW Mid Bass in the kick panels ***UPCOMING BUILD(2 weeks and counting)*** 8 JL Audio 15" W0's in a blow through 2 Kicker 2500.1

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