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  2. I'd assume it only cuts at a 90° angle? I have a design for a box but I'd need the edges cut at an angle to match it all up. If you can accept files I'll get one made and sent to you for a little speaker box idea I have. I can cut the angles once I get it if it's not able to cut them. Very lucky to have this. Hope to see some bad ass projects. I like
  3. Sonic is not authorized to sell from what I remember. That's why. They cracked down on them to stop carrying their product.
  4. Depending on how much the motor has changed just get them from a scrap yard off a late 90s Dakota. Has the 318 v8 magnum if the mounts and stuff are the same. Never had to do it but that's my thoughts
  5. Take one of the screws with I to a hardware store. Most have a nut and size guide u can match it to and get however many u need.
  6. Goodluck to everyone! Could definitely use it in my new to me vehicle I'll hopefully have in march.
  7. Picked up his Corsair H80i liquid cooler system from him. He was quick to respond, quick to ship, very helpful, and very reasonable on price. Definitely would do business with again and recommend to others.
  8. I'm on mobile so that might be why I don't see that but damn. I've got a small order this time around but it's all cosmetic stuff for the most part. So it's only like a $40 order
  9. so how do we actually use them? im not seeing an option to and my email says to check sonicbux as the credit type. is there a minimum or something? my email didnt say anything about a minimum either.
  10. Could you do a handle on them? I know its probably not a concern but dealing with the 36v and 48v forks ay work I hate grabbing the plastic area. Always use the handles or hold back farther on the wire just incase so I dont get shocked. Love the connections though. Much better than the jaws.
  11. Can you get the gray hoodies in 3x? Or anything thats not in 3x get in a 3x? A tall is a stretch to find but 2x tall would be great too. Lol Looking great and should be able to order some this next week
  12. you should get a 3x in the polytech hoodie please!!! and tall lengths in the shirts if you can.
  13. Definitely some 3xlt. I dont even run dc (yet) but I will for damn sure rep the shirt and company.
  14. enclosure size for the 12 and 15s? tuning? also whats the displacement. looking to do a rebuild but cant find any info on the displacement and tuning on the website. how would they perform in a more SQ oriented setup? lots of rock and country and some rap.
  15. in a ported box with almost 2k to each sub....... its a sealed wall and 500w subs. so id say thats pretty good
  16. I was just thinking the same thing. Why are we still talking about Hifonics? the amp failed it's over. What's the last part of the video say? If it passes dynamic that is still rms and passes in my book? So please tell me how it failed again? So the dc amp failed too?? Noone that buys amps that get dynod di it for strictly notes so they don't need to pass that.
  17. never got a response back after a few emails back and forth. would be great if i could. i have some unanswered questions. thanks
  18. And holy shit! It still cost more than I paid and I still say its less power. I was looking around 1750w for less then $250. Mine was $259 with 3 year no questions asked warranty. It does *AROUND* 1700w for music. Im happy.
  19. For what I got it for no. I defidently want to upgrade soon. But I don't have the cash to do it. I'd need new amp. New alt. New batts. Its just not gonna happen right now. It fit in my budget and it did around the power I was looking for. I'm happy with it but if I could I would upgrade.
  20. I'm not trying to start anything but I still think they are good amps for what they cost. Idk about the newest ones but the brz are good to me. Sorry not everyone is rich enough to afford these huge systems. But for a budget amp u probably can't find better. May not do rated in cert and uncert but dynamic as stated is closer to what is seen in a daily. And at ~14v it does damn close to rated. So its not that big of a piece of shit amp like u may think. Good amp for beginners. If I ever upload this video there's 2 bre amps going to town in a walled off park avenue. Speakers run off of mb quart amps. One of if not the loudest vehicle and that show of 15 cars. And most were running pretty good gear.
  21. You should definitely test out some hifonics brutus amps. Ppl say they are shit but I'm proud of mine. Taken a bit of abuse and works fine. Test like the middle one like 1600watts. Please. Very nice machine tho. I love what it can do.
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