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  1. Just picked up an Audiofrog GS12 to play around with 

    1. WalledSonic
    2. BoomZoom808


      Picked it up used and the enclosure looks to be around 2.5 cubes slot port not very long but decent port area, not sure what its tuned to but this subwoofer is pretty impressive, very sensitive good SQ thinking maybe 2.5 cu 4" aero tuned to 32ish

  2. Swapped out the Excelon components for some Morel Maximo's last night and I'm impressed didn't even realize there was hooker heel's clacking in the background on Broken Whiskey Glass can't wait to get the other set installed in the Crosstour

  3. Sadly traded in the Dodge Magnum but we picked up a 2013 Honda Crosstour! This 3.5L Earth Dreams V6 w iVtech is pretty bad ass tho

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    2. BoomZoom808


      The slammed ones look sick. Thinking about going that route. Also need to get some bass in it. Thinking of going the LC2i route and a factory sub swap for now. Already got in to developer mode and turned off ANC and set the DSP to flat and it helped a little but it needs MORE POWA!

    3. WalledSonic


      Looking forward to a Crosstour build log

    4. BoomZoom808


      might be a while but I will get something up eventually 

  4. Just scooped up an XCON 12, now lets see what all the hype is about 

  5. Loving the new K&N short ram intake I installed on my Mazda, but damn that Golf R was fast in morning traffic this morning 

  6. First time I ever put my system on the meter did 138 legal and 137.9 playing white clouds

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    2. BoomZoom808


      Lol no I had 2 and went to one going to get a dual 2 ohm sub and drop it down

    3. Karkov


      gratz on the scores!

  7. Gotta love all the SMD contests! Good luck everyone!!!

    1. strangeduck


      wish i had a use for it, i would enter.

    2. meade916


      thanks a lot! and thanks for the honesty strangeduck bro. I really want it to go somewhere it can get used! :D

    3. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      would be nice to bump in my daily kid hauler.

      Regardless hopefully goes to someone that will use it sub and box seem super legit

  8. So after Amazon's fuck up I am trying Ct Sounds Ebay store instead wish me luck lol

  9. A week later no Strato components because Amazon said they are not in stock even though it says they are wtf! pissed

    1. Karkov


      a month later and two aluminum pieces I ordered from the 12 volt still havent even shipped, time to cancel order

    2. strangeduck



    3. BoomZoom808
  10. Ordered my comp set on the first and it still has not even shipped yet... wtf?!?
  11. waiting to order a sandwich for lunch at subway and the lady in front me must be ordering for her whole office and txting people back and forth what they want. WTF? order online or call that shit in! Stupidity I swear...
  12. Comp set ordered, now I am not sure if I want to order an intake or replace the front battery with an agm

  13. Going to have to get creative for the front doors, they are stupid shallow

  14. Not impressed with this interstate battery in my new car been on the charger for 2 days trying to top it off best I am seeing is 12.5v :(

    1. askmeaboutmy6.5s


      ive always hated interstate lol, glad i made the choice to go northstar agms for my build! i strongly recommend em! check out my build ive got pics of them in! and im entered for SOTM this month so check that out too!

    2. SnowDrifter


      What battery construction?

      Have you ruled out the charger?

    3. BoomZoom808


      It's a wet battery. I use the same charger to top off my AGMs and they rest at 13v solid.

  15. Tip of the day use gorilla tape to remove old Plasti dip from alloy wheels

    1. strangeduck
    2. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      nice! I got overspray on the chrome part of my bumper I need off

  16. Fucking pissed only got 7000 miles out these POS Firehawk Wide ovals and Firestone isnt honoring their warranty going to file a complain with the BBB

    1. littlebuck1919


      Thats how im feeling about my alternator i ordered two months ago

    2. Tarball


      what happened to them ?

    3. BoomZoom808


      After doing some research pretty sure it's a common issue with the LX platform suspension and rapid wear. Combination of worn shocks/struts and alignment issues I guess tho the ride is smooth? Alignment has been done and going to do the shocks soon. Still disappointed Firestone didn't honor their warranty because the wear was pretty even and the tires have been rotated more than adequately. I have a set of the new Champion Fuel Fighters hopefully they last longer and are also better r...

  17. Big 3 done, 1/0 run and even got the broken bolt out now I just need to find a bolt that fits

  18. Mazda's sold!

    1. bsneon98


      uh oh, what are you getting next?

    2. BoomZoom808


      I already bought another Mazda 2.5 hatch gotta keep it Zoom

    3. bsneon98


      lol nice man!

  19. Replaced a motor mount and did the front brakes on the Mazda, I guess thermostat is next...

  20. Finally getting around to replacing all my SHCA CCA 1/0 with KNU Fleks 1/0, finished the big 3 and grounding my rear battery bank and I only have 1 piece to replace left and all I need is zip ties... Me to the wifey, "babe I am going to go get zip ties." She replies, "WHY do you have to go right NOW!?!?" FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! She just doesn't get it lol
  21. Really happy with my IA10.1 it hits pretty damn hard without having to drive it to clipping and the sound quality on the lows really made me realize what I was missing with my old amp

  22. Soundstream sold new subs ordered... Now for the amp can't decide between audio pipe or shark ... Ikeed Ikeed

  23. Bullz speaker wire is POS, I got it for free and tested in my new box, the NEG side is burning up and I thought it was my coils Ripping that sh!t out ASAP!

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    2. strangeduck


      wait, i mean, even shitty wire is still god enough for 99% of things when used correctly. so like, are you throwing 3k through 18ga wire or something?

    3. DubNDodge
    4. BoomZoom808


      I think it's 12 or 14 and it's only inside the box so it's really short 2K @ 1 ohm already replaced it with 12ga SHCA OFC

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