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  1. Been a long 3 weeks between going to work, school, visiting the hospital regularly and now hospice center. Hurts to see my grandfather in the condition he's in

    1. OrionStang


      Just be happy for the time you have to see him. My G-Pa passed while I was overseas. Best friend ever, and I hadn't seen him for years.

    2. pa-pa-platypus


      spend every minute you can with em man

  2. Think it's about time to put bass in the Camry and start competing again. A nice 15 on 1K should be nice...for now, until I'm ready to cut the rear deck and have CleanSierra work some magic on it ;)

  3. I've been having Arnold Palmers for the past couple days, been trying to keep off soda. Going only water starting next week
  4. Was gonna say I know a guy who ran both versions, has nothing but good things to say about them and there he is^^^ haha
  5. Legal to drive on roads in Arizona....so it can be a car. This statement is true, you see these, dirtbikes and quads riding around on the streets all the time down here
  6. Some guy tried mugging me and I got beat with a bat. Greeeaat

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    2. Rudemaxxx


      Did the cops get the fucker?

    3. SLAYER1805


      Idk yet, I have to register the Vine so I can be notified if he does. There was 4 cops in the neighborhood looking for him

    4. rockFord_Expedition


      That blows. Hope you're ok man. Did it happen at school or work or just at a random place around town?

  7. They're a certified online dealer according to the Sundown website, so why worry about it? Lol
  8. The Toyota/Lexus nuthugger in me envies your ISF, your drive in the LFA and now this tat. Looks sick mayne!
  9. Anybody on here with a silver expidition in tucson? Someone was bumpin Psyph by me at a stoplight loudly lol

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    2. slamingsuburban


      cool stuff guys you coming here on the 12th

    3. raolito1980


      thats tite. Bass friends!

    4. SLAYER1805


      I'm going up there slamingsuburban

  10. i don't think they weigh that much. Probably 65-70lbs each. 92 lbs is the actual shipping weight of the Level 5s. I think they are about 88-90 with just the sub. My back can vouch for that one too. Not fun to load in a wall or even just move around the shop. Or just have the FedEx girl help you out
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