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5 hours ago, Miguels said:

i get 12 reps. legs get strong fast

baby steps.

Im only able to get to the gym 2-3 times a week and have only been going for a little over a month, but every time I go is leg day to some extent. Some days are less than others though and focus on upper body.
That was after my 4th set of 10's, increasing weight each set. 270,360,450, 490 (which is where I normally would have stopped), and then the 3 reps of 540.
I could probably get more out at higher weight if I havent being doing hack squat sets before. That Im 90lbs lower on every set compared to the leg press with those though.



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You're actually doing pretty good. I think what helped me have strong legs was being 425+ lbs for many years. I only do one light set for warmup then ramp it up max.. taking supps helps a lot too.. was doing 85 lbs for chest Flys and in 2 months was doing all the whole rack at 315 lbs. But I did used to lift back when I was a kid and again when I was in my mid 20's and that is what is helping too

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I just started with Whey, and some pre-workout, also got 2 different packs of vitimans Im taking from GNC too. Muscle recovery was horrible for a while, just constant burning sensations everywhere. Seems the Whey is really helping with that now.
Only thing that sucks is its my friends buddies gym, but he has the code for the keys so Im able to go when they are closed and when Im free and when my friend isnt working, and he is the one pushing me as well.
Im starting to get more comfortable now and the gym opens up at 5 so Ill probably start going during normal hours when Im still awake sooner or later.
Though it amazes me some of these tiny checks doing crossfit are lifting pretty decent weight, some more than I can. LOL
My arms are hella weak (depending on which way I am using them, legs have always been fairly strong. 15 years ago they where legit from skating all the time. Then I got lazy and fat...



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How do you lift heavy ass boxes with weak arms?


Get beta alanine and creatine monohydrate. That will help you recover faster and you will be able to push more. Bcaa is another must have supplement. It helps recover and l arginine helps preserve muscles and burn fat during a cutting cycle..  I take Bcaas during working so it stops the body  from going catabolic during a cardio session.  Your body will eat muscle before it burns fat and Bcaas help there 

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I mean they aint weak, but they are not strong either.

Any specific brands that are better to get?

Nevermind, just browsed gnc and ordered some. Couldnt decide if I wanted capsules or powder, went with capsules. Some of that crap gets nasty to drink.

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My buddies wanted to go get a little dirty yesterday, so I tagged along since I can't make it in my Tahoe :( 

05 Tacoma with a lift and 33's

90 Jimmy with a 4"rough country lift and 35's

and the only thing I know about the wrangler is it's stock except for the winch. Only one to get stuck

sorry for the lack of stability, it's hard to keep the camera straight when you're bouncing around everywhere. Quality is great for an iPhone 6+ though, in my opinion.


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