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Tested Skar Audio SK-1500.1D "1500 Watt" Car Audio Amplifier w/ SMD Amp Dyno AD-1

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Yeah he shouldn't have tried to make the two tests sound the same when they weren't but I still don't think it takes away from what his product did.

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I might get hammered... He's probably leaving it AMI so Kevin just looks stupid. I wonder if Steve has the power to just ban a vendor? Shit I hope I don't get a vacation

well its a comparison, not a vs thread. i dont see kevin being a problem, just the group of people who feel obligated to trash everything he does. comparisons are no big deal, almost everyone does it. go buy anything at a dollar store that carries the brand name of the store and it will say "compare to" such and such brand. its only a big deal because yall are making it a big deal.

And here I thought all the other vs threads were comparisons. Y'know, comparing equipment.

At the same time I wouldn't like to see this locked, like to see how it plays out.


picture this if you will...

someone makes a thread that says what score they achieved with a piece of equipment. they also say what scores were achieved with another piece of equipment, then they leave it be. there is no big mystery, no asking of what is better. just simply comparing results.

someone else makes a thread and lists two pieces of equipment and asks which one is better, or asks for pro's and con's of each item. that is what we call a vs thread.

but its like racing a stock mustang against a pro street drag mustang.... same cars, 2 different power plants

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Thats cool. Im way too old to be upset by shit like that. Your name is winston. Your own parents hated you even before you were born.

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I like how hes trying to make his product look better than a company he is blatantly and constantly ripping off designs and prototypes from.

couldnt of said it better man

My setup,

Digital Designs M80

3 Re audio 10's ported tuned to 36 hz

Kenwood x-696

SHCA 0 gauge

Polk audio coax running off hu

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it seemed like a good idea to compare the 2 amplifiers by doing the same EXACT testing Steve did in his video and compare the results!! Very happy with the Dyno Steve and Tony engineered, as it allows to do comparison testing that is accurate! (Thanks Steve)
This video was mirrored after the one Steve did on the other amplifier, so we only did the Dynamic Power Testing in this particular video, at the same loads of 0.8 ohm and 0.5 ohm. We will be posting certified runs shortly. Very happy to see how it performed against the competition though!

1) the thread was posted revolving around a comparison to another brand, that's a Vs. thread and a no no

2) It is stated that the test was done exactly like the other, Not true, many differences so this is not a mirror image of the test with just a different amp.

3) Comparison testing that is accurate?, Only when your variables are the same for both tests. That's the accurate way to test two products then compare them against each other.

4) that last line, not needed. That must have been your inside voice on the outside. And how can you be happy with your product when comparing it to another that was electrically starved to death? That would be like Dwayne Johnson saying he was happy with his performance against an Ethiopian.

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Rolex you sicken me.


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The way I took that post was look at my amp doing more power than this other companies amp. That IS a VS no matter how you put it. Show what your product will do and let the public decide what they want to buy.

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It's alright everyone. He is a vendor and the rules don't apply to him.

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'16 S3

No build :(

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On 3/12/2014 at 7:09 AM, Gunnem said:

it was fun pretending his build is mine
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On 10/3/2013 at 10:00 AM, ROLEXrifleman said:

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So if the power supply is better, why the voltage drop? I don't get it. Supposedly the truck has two big alts and 6 d3100's and it was running. You would think even at idle it could handle one 1500 watt amp. Guess it's because the truck seems to only be charging at 13.4?

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