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lol. been keepin busy. things are goin well, just don't get on too forums too often since the break from spl started.

anyways to stay on topic, i think it's similar to the answer to the deadener/peel and seal topics we see too often. do it right the first time so you won't have to do it again down the road. long run, chances are it'll be safer and cheaper to run ofc the first around.

I disagree as damplifier actually dampens and absorbs the energy to dispense where P&S only mass loads. It's the big difference there between the two, one actually functions while the other doesn't. Where as both CCA and OFC will conduct

Tell me...does this smell like chloroform to you?

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Let's just say that you had access to two engines. One engine made 400hp and one made 500hp. The 500hp engine costs more money.

There would be no point at which one could say that the 400hp engine was superior to the 500hp engine, assuming horsepower was the only metric. However, one can rationalize why the 400hp engine is a better value but that still won't make it a 500hp engine.

How does that apply to this argument?

If I had to guess to how it applies here it would be this. If you have a 1000 watt amp that is fused at 150 amps and you use CCA which I believe is rated at 250 amps? Why would you need OFC which is rated for I believe 350 amps?

how it applies to your question. If you have a 400hp engine and a 500hp engine but you have a governor on both of them to limit the speed to 55mph. Then why buy the 500hp engine.

At Least that is my thought on it :)

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You guys crack me up. Now, think about this for a second. You can't cheat the laws of physics - I mean, they are laws and not just some really good ideas. Value isn't accepted in physics, and for good reason. If you take the square root of 16, you'll always get four. There is no less expensive version of 16, just 16.

Debate is healthy.

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Hey guess what

You also can't measure resistance with a DMM if there is voltage present at the point you are measuring resistance (ohms).


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No one is arguing the number. True the square root will always be 4, as the capability of OFC to CCA will always be bigger. But...that is only comparing one to one. We all know and agree OFC is better, but that advantage can easily be counterbalanced by an extra run of CCA. Some times, running a single run if OFC will be cheaper, and sometimes cheaper when running two of CCA. So I believe as long as you are wiring correctly for the draw you will see similar results. And if the results are similar (I know two other instances of my own where they were the same alpine being one) then as a consumer you look at the next factor...price.

I agree, a civilized debate is healthy. Maybe some will change their mind and others will have a stronger understanding as why they believe as they do

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Tell me...does this smell like chloroform to you?

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I really wanna see some real world results supporting what tony said about OFC but so far teamht 's switch is the best testing (and a legitimate test too) for the argument.

It's not like cca is the worst stuff ever either, I mean it obviously works pretty well if power lines use aluminum wire instead of OFC. That's some pretty major power transmission if you ask me so why don't they use OFC?

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Team bassick alpine on the forum also switched and had no change in his score. Maybe he'll chime in with exactly what he was using for equipment

Tell me...does this smell like chloroform to you?

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