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Starting him off early with DC

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This is amazing, its kinda sad that your kid has a better system than I do right now....

will it depress you even more saying i did a quick test on it, and it did a 161 at 38 hertz on a termlab with 800 watts. But that is the mic right outside the port. The box is way to big at 1.3 cubic feet. so i am going to drop it down to about .75 so i can get the frequency up to mid 50's and hopefully produce a better number. In Midwest SPL the meter is put 12" out of the port so i still have a lot of testing to do and get it dialed in


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Kids these days want iPhones and Xbox ones, I think that this power wheel blows both of those out if the water. This is awesome man and can't wait to see the results of the meter.

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-Sony MEX-BT4100P
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- XS Power D3400
- SkyHigh OFC power/speaker wire
- Big 3 with SkyHigh 0gauge
Build Log: Click Here

Scores: 146.5db @ 29hz Outlaw

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thanks for the props. it has definally been a fun build. and little man loves to drive this all over the place. now this one is built just for MidwestSPL since the meter is 3" above the window/dash line.

So he is able to be competitive in USACi and MECA, i am building a 2nd powerwheel using a single 12" sub. In both of these organizations the meter is put in the kick panel. So this is going to be a forth order build. with a plexi glass access cover for the sub

Approximate box design


And what it will be going into


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Travis Jennemann

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Man this is awesome.

750??! Yeah, fuck that. Fuck this website, fuck SMD, fuck Steve, fuck all of his butt buddy mods, and their couches.


Team Subsonic Lows

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cant wait to see how that firetruck turns out what equipment you going to run in it?

Yeah 800 posts!!!

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On 3/28/2014 at 4:22 PM, KyLar96 said:

Its all about the music anyway..... Do a proper install, something your happy with, Fuck everyone else...... improve in time, where you can..... its not rocket science...

Tiburon build //www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/174059-97-hyundai-tiburon-build-from-ramming-to-slamming-slow-5k-build/

2000 Mountaineer build http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/186736-2000-mountaineer-build-from-ramming-to-slamming-part-iislow-5k-builddc-audio-americanbassxspowersingerarcaudiostingershcavideo-on-pg7/

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wife just popped out kid number 2 about 30 days ago. so this will be his in a few years to run.

As far as equipment i am running (2) DC lvl 3 12" subs and an American Bass ph4000 in my Blazer. so i will just remove one sub and amp for now to run in the firetruck at shows. Until it comes time to upgrade my blazer. Then the equipment will stay in there.

I am debating about doing this on the side. so if anyone needs something build for their kids or has questions just shoot me an email. Surprisingly these powerwheels are very easy to fix up and repair. I buy the ones off craigslist that have small damage and repair them.

Travis Jennemann

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