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Michael Hughes extreme van rebuild

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So some know that I have had this van for quite some time, it was not owned by me until a year or so ago, but has been in my barn for the past 3 years, was just owned by friends who never got around to building it. I have finally had time and decided to pull it in the garage and start doing some work on it, to get it back into shape! I figured I would post this here, seeing as Michael has his own section here, and figured him and others would enjoy to see progress. Just so people know, this will not be some quick project, I have 3 kids, and plenty of other work and projects on my plate, but will have updates every so often. First priority is to get all the old bad stuff out and cleaned up, starting with all the mdf and pulling doors and fixing them all around. The engine is first after getting wood out though, that way we can know it is reliable and go from there. Here are some pics of it as it sits, we just got it in the garage a couple days ago and me and the kids cleaned out all the old crx boxes we had stored in it over the years. Well here are pics and if anybody has any questions just post here or message me! We are not sure on plans yet, other than to fix the things broken and going bad and then strengthen a few things and get a shell built.














and after the crew cleaned up a


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yeah, it was abused and let to rot for a while before we got it. This is pretty much exactly how it was when we got Did put on nnew alts, but were not working, but plan to get all that wired up and fixed soon too, just didn't even bother since we weren't working on it for a while.

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I'll tune in for sure. It's good to see some pics of it. I know Hughes last mentioned that he should have had it crushed rather than seeing it change hands so many times and no work done :(

Glad to see some plans man!

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Yeah, that is 1 reason we decided to buy it! A friend is the 1 who bought it off ebay a few years ago, then it has sat in my barn ever since, till I finally just bought it to make sure it didn't get moved around again. I have just been waiting for time to work on it. We have had many other projects, I have a crx I am working on, my caravan we were competing with we just sold and also the Alma Gates bronco that needs work, so alot on our plate!Lol

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