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This is the side story to my suite case build inside of the Wagon Bis-Kwik! I never planed on this build going to the level it is now! It's an old Samsonite Suitcase, started off with just Four 6X9's in it that didn't even match! Nothing was inside of it at all. No amps or anything!

It start's!



For none matching speakers it sounded good but looked like crap! So I decided to get me some Infinity Kappa 6X9's!


Looked better but was lacking that quality sound I was looking for, so I dug around in the building and pulled some stuff out that I had removed from previous builds! Started wiring it up with wire that I found in there as well!



After getting my X10's in it was time to wire up the Rockford Fosgate T2500-1db Also cleaned the wires up some from the Infinity amp!


After some play time noticed the amps were getting warmer then I liked so I added some small fans to the back of it, one pushing air in and the other pulling air out! As well as some studs on the back for quick connection.



Needed a amp to run my Infinity Kappa's in my front kick panels, so I dug out the Rockford Fosgate Prime amp! Also added the XS Power 3100 battery to the build to help with the voltage drop.



Ran this set-up for a while, I liked it but was having some voltage drop so I decided I LOVED the look of the suitcase and it worked really good so time to rebuild with major upgrades!!!!!! All Sky High Car Audio wire, 2 cross wind fan's for extra cooling, contacted ToolMaker for a one off Fuse/Ground distribution block! Was cool cause this is the first combination distribution block he had ever made! SO I got the FIRST one!!! Put a bunch of more goodies in it as well!



TIME TO START THE MAJOR RE-BUILD!!!!!! Right on my kitchen table, laid everything out and got to work!


Gutted it fully and started all the way over!



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Painted the inside & started going back together with it! Made sure to label ever thing as I put it together. Started adding new parts!






Ready for that ToolMaker Fuse/Ground distribution block! He sent me pictures as he was building it. He done a great job!!! Also got some Quad ring terminals for it to wire it up





Time to light it up! Added some Blue LED's to it for the night time WOW!




This was the finished Suitcase! Still adding goodies to it! But turned out AWESOME!


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This Complete build is entered in this months SOTM contested #18 Sideshow_kustom If you like this build stop by the link and throw me a Vote! Thanks for taking the time to look & read my story!


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That's a lot of nice work man! Like the suit case idea as a subwoofer box for my Bimmer!


If you ever go to build one hit me up and I can tell you the do's & don'ts on the build! I've had a bunch of practice with it!!!! LOL

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Clean work as always man!

Thanks man I try my best no matter what I'm building! :yahoo:

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Times RUNNING OUT to get the votes in for ol Bis-Kwik for SOTM! If you like this build be sure to cast a vote for it! Also make sure to check out all my side stories to this build!


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Fuck I love a badass wagon

Thanks man! Some parts of the build I left untouched for an example I could of painted the suitcase & cooler but I wanted them to be in the original condition and show there TRUE age and use!

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