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This part of the build for it to be so simple it was a MAJOR pain it the butt!!! It started off once I had the Suitcase up and going I was heading to a car show, so I decided to put my Newer Red Plastic Coleman Cooler beside the Suitcase to hold some drinks. I thought to my self that don't look too bad just wished it matched the color! So I started researching Vintage Coleman coolers!


Decided if I could find one I could get me an extra battery and hide it in it! So I bought an XS Power D3100 and hooked it up beside the suitcase until I located my cooler!



I had to search HIGH & LOW for the exact cooler I needed! I went to EVERY Flea Market, Pawn shop, Yard Sale, & Antique store I could here in my area with NO luck! I even stayed on Ebay in hope that one would show up that was the exact one I needed! The problem was I had to have a Vintage Metal Coleman Diamond Cooler in Aqua color to fit in the limited space I had and match the color of the suitcase! If I wanted Brown or Green I would of been in luck! Them colors aren't hard to find! All my Friends ask me WHY don't you get one of them and just paint it??? I didn't want to do that cause I wanted it to still have it's authentic look and show it's TRUE age! One of my buddies hit me up and said I found exactly what you are looking for on Pinterest but it's costly! I Jumped all over it and didn't care the high cost, I didn't hesitate to pay it!!!!!




My first thought was to put the XS Power battery in there & I was changing my valves on my air ride system so I would put the valves in there with the battery. This did not work!!! I was about a 1/2" shy to make it work!




Time for a test fit to see how it looked!


Time to cut the holes in it! I HATED to have to cut up this PERFECTLY good Vintage cooler so I decided to celebrate it's more than 50 YEARS of service by filling it up one last time with some Ice cold beer and enjoy it one last time! THIS BEERS FOR YOU!



Got it cut and installed! Also put me an old bottle opener on it!


Once I redone the Suitcase I upgraded the power so I added some ToolMaker Quad Terminals and some extra power runs to help with voltage drop! Also found another bottle opener I liked better so I swapped them out!



For something as small as this part of the build it was aggravating! But here is the finished goods!! WELL WORTH IT!



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This Complete build is entered in this months SOTM contested #18 Sideshow_kustom If you like this build stop by the link and throw me a Vote! Thanks for taking the time to look & read my story!


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Times RUNNING OUT to get the votes in for ol Bis-Kwik for SOTM! If you like this build be sure to cast a vote for it! Also make sure to check out all my side stories to this build!


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Excellent job on this build. Id lose the XS power sticker and it would be perfect. :)

Yeah I had an ideal to put a bunch of stickers on the suit case and cooler, I've got pictures of it but too ashamed to post em! Looked like ASS!!!! LOL It's gone now!

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wow that's really cool, nice job!!

Put up some more pics! especially of that wagon

edit: nvm just saw your build log now

Thanks man! Some parts of the build I left untouched for an example I could of painted the suitcase & cooler but I wanted them to be in the original condition and show there TRUE age and use!

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nice thread! enjoy learning about the trials and tribulations involved in a build.

2007 Chevy Aveo Ls sedan

2 Sundown Xv2 on scv4k @ .5 ohm

2 pair RE XXX 6.5 components on sax200.4 @ 2 ohm

Big Three, Three runs 1/0 power from front to back, 1 ground front to back

Two runs ground from rear bank to chassis

XS power d3100 upfront, 3 Odyssey 2150s in bank

Singer 220 amp alt

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nice thread! enjoy learning about the trials and tribulations involved in a build.

Thank's this is the best way for me to get it's story out! The bad part about having a stealth system is most people never even see most of this or know the history behind every piece of the build! I'm TRULY proud of the work I've done to it so far. Cool thing is I just got in contact with the man who owned my Wagon years ago and found out the history on the car it's self! I was amazed by the story! Hell I never knew until yesterday that it was in Alaska for a while! This was it when it was there with a FREAKING MOOSE beside it! It was Blue with a White top then! I'm from NC so I've never seen that much snow in 10 years all together!!!!!!!


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Be sure to cast your Vote for my build if you like it on the 24 Hour Flash Vote for SOTM! Also be sure to read all the side stories to this build in the links below! Theirs more to it then meets the eye!

Drive In Theater Speaker Build
Suitcase Build
Coleman Cooler Build
X10 Box Build
Complete Build Log On Bis-Kwik
NEW SUB'S 8 SundownAudio X6.5sw Build
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