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The one that may have started it all ? DOOM game play.

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I was NOT impressed with the Doom Beta...I HATE the fact that they are making an MMO side of it... That is NOT what doom is about in the least bit.. I pray the campaign is decent or this game will be a flop

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I'll add you to alek. I've just not really been home. :/


Fuuuuuuck. I haven't even turned. My ish on in months. But I'm getting moth uncharted and doom. So I'll be back soon and I'll get ya on yo. I'm actually excited for both games. Been a while for that.

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graphics look good. =)

not sure about the MMO side of it =/

I did not try the beta

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I turned my ps4 on a week or two ago just to update it and shut it back off lol, I only have the uncharted bundle and GTAV right now and overplayed both. I'll pick up one or the other next week, as long as I can get all the parts for my car and stuff first.

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