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1st trip to Indy MOTOGP

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Backstory, I hate planning things because in the past sh!t always seem to fall through and I was left disappointed. So I live my life spontaneously. This spontaneous adventure started 2 weeks ago when I saw my buddies FB page. He went to Circuit of the Americas to watch MotoGP. As posted in another thread, I refuse to pay $20 for the upgraded sports package to watch MotoGP on TV so I did the next best thing to get my MotoGP fix! I looked at my account and said "Hmmmm, yup this will be our summer trip!". So 2 wks before the race, I was about lock in 4 flights to Indy for $893 on Priceline but it took Lisa 48 hrs to get clearance to take off Friday and Monday. By that time the tickets were $1450!!!! Screw that!! Everyone was excited to go......and no one but me knew about MotoGP.

Not to be deterred, I still purchased the MotoGP tickets and had to figure out a way to get there. So I rented a 2015 Suburban.

The kids faces lit up when they knew they were going to have a boat load of elbow room. lol.


The gangs all in and we left friday @ 1400 for the 1000mi trek to see a MotoGP race.


Christian was more than willing to drive this boat.


The girls were more than willing to not drive this boat.


Everyone was lounging...



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The trip up took 18 hrs because we were unfamiliar with the roads. Once in Indiana we saw nothing but pastures, until we hit the big city.


The city was nice and Saturday the crowd was HUGE.


Theres' always that one guy with a furry bike!


The way the tickets and vendors were set up, you could not walk in to IMS without paying for each day. I only paid for Sunday, so I had to wait for Sunday to see the

infield, vendors, and the other activities.


This reminded me of Road Atlanta back in 1995.


Bikes have changed over the yrs.


At last Rossi's M1!!! Photo sessions were not until 1330, way to late since we were all the way on the other side of the track, and the race started at 1400.



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When we went to pick up the tickets MotoGP or Moto2 were practicing. The roar of those engines made Lisa and Devin's eyebrows go way up "OMG that's so LOUD!". These bikes have nothing on Daytona as far as db's go!

Me on the Ducati Pentagale.


Ah, Marc Marquez's RC213V.



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There really isn't alot of pics due to us being tired from the long drive. We were all exhausted.

The highlight of the trip was not the only the race. It was Lisa calling her father who is battling Pancreatic Cancer, as the race started.

She called him just as the race started "Dad, you can't be here, but I want you to hear the guys go by, it's just like being here".

It was a bitter sweet moment.
I was on my phone recording the first lap as she was talking to him.

It was a wickedly long 2085 miles to watch a 27 lap race, but it was worth it on all fronts. half of the race was on the screen, the other half was infront of us. We are all still deaf from the roaring engines.

MotoGP is now off my bucket list!!!


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I so wanted to go this year but my finances just did not allow it, but next year i will be going for sure, and then one day the biggest event ever will be a trip to the isle of man to see the 2 week event.

Glad you all had a blast at the event and enjoyed it all.

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One day I'll make it out to a motogp. Looks like a good time.

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You guys need to hurry. In 2008 attendance was 100,000. Yesterday MotoGP had 68,000. I read an article yesterday before the race Dorna & IMS want to sign til 2017 but it maybe sketchy due to low attendance. This is due to lack of American Riders. Spies is out, the The Texas Tornado is out (I believe), and well Hayden placed 21st before the race. I also read Dorna pulled out of Leguna Seca for 2015. Seems they were dumping too much $$ into the race and not seeing a return as well the track needing improvements. The city of Indy put up a reported $100 mil to host this weekend event!

Without better turn out MotoGP may not be here forever.

Glad I went. We just returned the burban. Life back to normal. :)


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Skullz, yeah Isle of Man is def. on the list as well. If we ever make it to the west coast during the winter time, I want the kids to witness the massive waves of Isla De Todos Santos off the coast of Baja. Only witnessed by helicopter and boat!!!


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Hell yeah i go to MotoGP every year at the Circuit of Americas and it is awesome! you should try to check out a Formula1 race if you like MotoGP, its awesome, i know the next race at the COTA is in October, ill be there for sure


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