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Stan. (Should i change his life?) (Bike "contraption" System upgrade - pics/video inside) EDIT NEW BIKE AND DIAMONDBOXX MOUNT PG 7

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the face of pure happiness right there without a doubt. since that bike doesnt have a kickstand make sure to tell Stan to try not to lay it down on the derailer, if it gets bent it wont switch gears like it should, if at all sometimes. they are easily the most fragile part of a mountain bike. and one of the most important.


Built to Last

Team Sound Asleep

24Runner Build Log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/196657-24runner-sleeper-system-lots-of-fi-neo-dd-focal-new-video-w-juicebox-lithium/

2 x 12" Fi BTL N2 / 2 x 12" Fi BTL N3

2 DD M3b

Maxwell 2.7V 3000F Supercapacitors

Pioneer DEH-80prs

Focal P165 V30 components

Rockford Fosgate T-400.4

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As for the whole question of helping him..... it would really REALLY REALLY depend on his story. What's his life. If he's a homeless guy with no job, eff no on helping him. First, he'll probably get jumped for it. Second, he'll sell it all for drugs, booze or food. Third, he has no way to keep it secure when he's not on it. It would be like taking 10 trays of food and dropping them off to a tent city in Africa. There'd be fist fights and stabbings over it.

Now then, he doesn't look like a bum. Looks like just some kid. Which is friggin crazy to see something like this with. This is usually only ghetto ass motherfuckers with some shit like this. lol

If you do decide to help him, I'd do all the work for him. You're throwing it away if you hand the gear to him.

Find a loaded shotgun and check the barrel for debris. While checking, squeeze the trigger and see how fast the projectile launches and let me know.

i am a little bit behind on my video's...but here is the Tahoe demo, Stan getting to hear some REAL bass for the first time. Also a trip to the bike shop. The actual install video, reaction and all that stuff will be either tomorrow or Saturday. I am kinda busy but i managed to get this done today, only because i promised him "next week"...last week.

Apparently you've never stepped foot outside your cushy house. Assuming, he wouldn't sell it because he was homeless or something, I was worried about the kid's safety. Roll through the hood with that shit and see if you don't get your ass beat and that shit stolen. And what's this??? What happened at 4:50 in Steve's video? HE GOT JACKED! He got jacked for his old garbage stuff. Even Steve balked at going forward on the gift. He didn't want to give it away and it get stolen or the kid to get rolled for it....

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