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Who do you guys have coming out of the afc and nfc?

I really hope my banged up patriots can make it the the bowl. Nothing would make me happier that watching Brady get a 5th.

The NFC I honestly think the Hawks are going to the bowl. I don't see Carolina beating them, especially now that beast mode is back.

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I don't have a clue who's coming out either conference, but the matchup's are on point. I mean potential good games regardless of who wins. One of the best pools of playoff teams in a long time, like the 90's.

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There are a lot of banged up teams


New England


Are all banged up or of the afc. I don't think kc is that good though. Pittsburgh is without brown and Big Ben is hurt but I don't see osweiler leading them especially with Pittsburgh defense and pass rush coming on.

New England vs Pittsburgh.

I'm a Pittsburgh fan but it's tough to bet against the pats in that situation.

The nfc is going to be two great games. Carolina is smoldering hot but Seattle got a gift. Does that light the fire? I don't see it. Arizona vs Green Bay is another game where teams are getting hot at the right time. Rodgers is going to lead them to a win though

Green Bay and Carolina I have Green Bay winning. Mainly because they've been there and know what it takes.


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They barely beat Minnesota and you think arguably the hottest team in the NFL can't beat them?

you really never know.. it happen once, a few years back when the pats went in the playoffs with a perfect season only to lose at the super bowl.. the seahawks might have had a bad start and carolina a very good start.. playoffs is another beast

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Manning is throwing ducks in Denver, and Big Ben is hurt. I think if we (patriots) can get past KC we will go to another SB.

Wishful thinking that Brady and belichick get another one with this offensive line.

Seattle will beat Carolina this weekend. DangeRuss is going to turn that switch on.

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I had the pleasure to be at the Arizona vs Green Bay game last night (even tho I'm a vikings fan but bought the tickets at halftime of the wild card round game and I was gonna be in Phoenix anyways) and that was an unbelievable game! I couldn't see a single empty seat and we definitely got our money's worth, best game I've ever been to.

I think the Panthers vs Cardinals game should be another good game with pretty even teams, I'm just happy that the Packers and Seahawks lost now that the vikes are out.

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