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frame removal level 6 m2.

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I need to take off the frame from my dc lvl 6 m2 15, i gutted the soft parts, and unbolted the frame, then learned that the frame is heavily glued to a machined spacer, and that spacer is glued to the top plate of the motor.... im taking off the frame to put m4 soft parts/frame on this motor. So what should i do? Use some sort of heat gun? Or a glue activator? I have two of these subs, only gutted one so far, and im stumped, and i dont want to damage the top plates.

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Any idea what sort of glue is holding it in place?

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Alright well ok, now i know the correct term thanks, but yeah, loto glue. A couple other woofers i reconed just bolted off and with alot of force with pull off. But they were alot less of a woofer than these, the last thing i reconed was a sundown zv2 lol

Still seems off that anyone would glue the basket to the top plate. Or glue the basket to anything.

Proto type, foooooo shooooow.

Seems like the did that because they couldnt machine, line up, drill, tap, or make work.... one or the other to one or the other.

Just seems odd. :unknw::unknw:

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