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Hey guys I am looking to start a new build in my 2008 Tahoe. I am set on 4 SA 15's. I was wondering if anyone could lead me in the right direction to get some ideas for an enclosure. I will have the whole trunk to work with. (Behind the rear passenger seat, third row has been removed) Any replies are appreciated ! 

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zack_e89    320

What are you asking? Like making a ported or sealed box?


If you've seen any of the countless box requests on this forum, you'd know that you have to provide alot of information for someone to design a box for you if that's what you were wanting.

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      Right now I have installed:
      JVC KW-V50BT Indash 
      2- 12in Rockford P3D4 powered by R1200.1D
      Cheap ported box
      4ga OFC power 
      2- 5x7 Apline Type S, 2- 5x7 JBL GTO8629 powered by R400.4D
      Shuriken SK-BT45
      As of 9/20/17:
      I'm laying down some fatmat 50mil in the trunk/backseat area. 
      Skyhigh big 3 0ga upgrade
      Skyhigh 4ga OFC power and ground

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      Amp guts from a refurbished SAE-1500D.  Its dusty from being in the car.  Should've cleaned it up a lil better for this post but meh.

      Not sure what was reworked, but I took some pics of the less-pretty joints:

      This looks sketchy as fuck... One of the words under the sharpie is "EXTREME" but I cant make out any of the other words/letters/numbers.

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