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  1. That's awesome!!! I had Madden 08 on my PC up until a couple years ago haha.
  2. I had an issue with the gain knob in my daily making a "thud" noise with the subs and it turned out the knob was actually a little loose - I could move the knob a little bit back and forth and it would make the thud noise so I just disconnected the knob and haven't messed with it yet.
  3. Yo will dat shit work my primered, rusted out showcar Honda that hit's 172's at 13Hz with 5 Dual 12s and 3 SonyXplod 10s all in the same box built by Ghost Customs with some funkypups in the doors and 73 XS Power D1600's on a Tenney Alternator?
  4. Damn, I missed all the fun here!!! Great stuff, thank you snafu for doing these and sharing your knowledge.
  5. What are you asking? Like making a ported or sealed box? If you've seen any of the countless box requests on this forum, you'd know that you have to provide alot of information for someone to design a box for you if that's what you were wanting.
  6. Seems like just yesterday everyone was talking about Adam's butthole. ....So that was like 3 years ago right?
  7. Wow that's amazing, great work!!!!! DC in the front is a nice touch too. Love it!
  8. Daaaaaaaamn.....LOL that's AWESOME Good thing the air movement kept most of the smoke away from all the sexiness in your HOE...pretty much blew the smoke back in his face hahaha
  9. Wow, nice Steve!!! Looks great....and so does that hoe in the background! Really neat idea replacing the spare tire area like that with the circle box...and amazing work doing it by hand jigsawing! I really like the Second Skin Spectrum on there...I've never got to see it close up but it seems to have a good texture to it.
  10. DC has electrical recommendations for their amps on their site I believe
  11. X2 I wear shorts pretty much all winter, people look at you silly when you're wearing shorts in below 0°f weather, lmao. Wow this is me. I knew I couldn't be the only one, although it really seems like it when I go to Walmart and everyone has 7 layers on and I'm walking in with shorts and no jacket or anything and everyone looks at me like they're seeing a ghost.
  12. Got my Dual VM-1 single din kit today! Love it!!!

  13. So you going to do take out those back seats and do 4 15s on 10k?
  14. Wow, that needed to fixed!!!! At first I thought the wire was touching the bottom of that speaker lol. You even DD1'd it for him, nice!..really cool helping him out
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