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Found 31 results

  1. So I’m getting no output from my subwoofers. Brand new pioneer deck and brand new audiopipe 2k. I have 2 d4 12s wired to 1 ohm and that’s what it reads at the amp when the car is off. But when I turn the car on it reads -2 or -3ohms so that’s obviously why I just don’t know what to do I’ve tried everything. Tried 3 diff sets of rcas
  2. browser keeps crashing so this will be done in sections. Let me start with saying this build was done in the sub 20 temperatures with occasional snow showers. I only had 3 days to complete build due to long work hours so it was kinda rushed! I came here looking for ideas on a new build to upgrade from my original 4 kicker comp cvr's and this is the results! 160 Ft" of 2/0 EB-Flex welding cable 2 XS D3100's Sky High fuse blocks Sky High 200 amp fuses Sky High 1/0 oversided copper lugs Sky High shrink tube 1 set of aluminum battery blocks
  3. Where I listen to techno with driving, glitchy, complicated bass, I have always thought a 10 inch was the way to go to keep up. However, I want to know if tuning a 12 at 30-32 hz will keep up a good clean bass. right now i have some sony xplodes that my friend gave me at 800 watts and im not too impressed with how clean it is. I want to upgrade to a better brand but im still stuck choosing between the sizes of the woofers. thoughts and suggestions?
  4. These parts where bought for some problematicly built Fi BTL N3s that had issues from the get go. Pretty much drastic coil rub, even after drop in recones coil rub, but that made me aware of the issue and what was happening. Which was the parts being used on them made the whole assemble too tall, and required you to stretch the surrounds about 1/2 inch down to glue the surround to the basket landing which ended up making the nice half roll surround somewhat flattened out, and caused the woofer cone to only travel so far prior to the surround restricting it and pulling the coil back unevenly. Pretty crappy ordeal considering each woofer was $750, plus shipping, and only had about 21-25mm MAX linear excursion on such a high strength motor. There are a few ways to fix this problem on the 12inch models, some easier then others, but I took the beastly method at fixing the issue. So just a before and after pic, parts are just stuck together. Baskets removed. New baskets on. Gluing the collar, and then the spiders. Gluing and clamping the outer edges of the spider packs. Spider packs glued up. Gluing coil/spider assembly. One glued and clamped, time to start with the 2nd spider pack. The second spider pack glued down. The speaker terminals being used. Top wire is knukonceptz kolossus 4awg (slightly over sized compared to a real 4awg wire) had to trim a little bit of wire for it to fit. Bottom wire is old Stinger iirc 6awg, fits perfect with no trimming. soldering the tinsel leads to the terminals. Getting ready to glue the surrounds to the surround landings. Anyone interested in the finished pics of them sitting next to some Digital Design 9512's I recently reconed???
  5. I'm looking into getting 2 FU audio 750 12s. I've got a box that is 4 cubic foot tuned to 28 hz and I'm curious to how they would sound in that box. The manufacture sheet says tune to 33-35 hz so I'm jw if they will play 28 down to about 24 good?
  6. Right now I have installed: JVC KW-V50BT Indash 2- 12in Rockford P3D4 powered by R1200.1D Cheap ported box 4ga OFC power 2- 5x7 Apline Type S, 2- 5x7 JBL GTO8629 powered by R400.4D Shuriken SK-BT45 As of 9/20/17: I'm laying down some fatmat 50mil in the trunk/backseat area. Skyhigh big 3 0ga upgrade Skyhigh 4ga OFC power and ground
  7. Whats up guys. Just getting introduced to Fi Audio and the whole SMD phenomenon, figured I'd ask for some advise. I've got a 2012 Hyundai Veloster. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3971695/2012-hyundai-veloster/ I have a bat cap, 12 band eq/line driver, 8" touch screen deck (factory - too much to change right now since most of the car is ran through the thing), a older but hardly used hiphonic brutus 1500, and an alpine for my mid/high. I was running two older kicker comp 12s in a ported but, which was stolen about 5 months ago. So now i am going to go with 1 fi bl 12 - http://store.ficaraudio.com/bl12/ My question is what do I do about all these options. Just looking for some advise/suggestions with my set up.
  8. Hello everyone hope all is well and hope that some of you can help me with my new ported box build for my 2 12" Pioneer TSW304R's. They are currently in a prefab sealed box that was given to me along with the subs and amp from my brother in law. He doesnt know much about car audio and ordered the small sealed box which barely meets the specs for the 2 subs. I am wanting a box design that is around 3 cubes shared internal volume with an aero port tuned to maybe 32 hz still undecided about what to tune the port to. May want to have the port external. Anyways below are the Thiele/Small Parameters. I do have experience with building boxes in the past but they were always simple boxes to fit the vehicle nothing specific like I am wanting to do this time with my own setup. I just have never used software to design a box and rather have someone that knows what they are doing help me with the design. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Thiele/Small Parameters Nom. Dia.(In) 12 Qts 0,70 Qms 13,30 Qes 0,740 Fs [Hz] 28,6 Vas [l] 77,88 Vas [ft3] 2,75 Vd [l] 0,245 Vd [ft3] 8,64E-03 Sd [m2] 5,20E-02 Sd [ft2] 0,560 Revc [Ω] SINGLE 3.0 Levc [mH] (2000Hz) 2,390 Xmax [mm] 4,7 Xmax [in] 0,19 Zmax [Ω] 40,9 BI [Tm] 10,39 Rms[Ns/m] 2,010 Mms [g] 149,50 Cms [m/N] 2,100E-04 Mg.Wt.[g] 940 Flux Density [Gauss] 6210 Hag [mm] 6 Hag [in] 0,236 Hvc [mm] 15,5 Hvc [in] 0,610 VC.Diameter [mm] 40 Eff [%] 0,21 S.P.L. [dB] 95,0 R.M.S.Power [W] 300 M.M.P. [W] 1300 Sp. Displacement [l] 1,66 Sp. Displacement [ft3] 0,059 Recom. Enclosure [l] 35,4 Recom. Enclosure [ft3] 1,25 F0 (in Cabinet) 51,2 Q0 (in Cabinet) 1,252
  9. I've been thinking about doing a car trunk build next with 2 12's on a BC 5500 and deadening everything with Alpha Damp Deadener. Thing is: what would be best for LOW-end in a car build, having the enclosure and subs facing the Back of the trunk with the rear seats folded forward? Or, having the subs "sealed off" forward in the trunk? Im allll about Ground Pounding lows, but dont know what would sound best. The other thought that crossed my mind was just saying screw the rear seats and building a wall with 2 18's but i dont really want it to have to come to that. Ok either way im sure with 6000 watts and plenty of sound deadener the system will be nice, but id just like your guys' opinions on the whole situation (especially those with trunk builds themselves, experienced people please, and those who have big wattage like that), thanks!
  10. I want to try out a different box and I would like some help with a design, last time I payed for a design and I really don't see the need to spend that kind of money! I have 2 Rockford Hx2 12's that have 1000 watt recones so I'll be running 2000 RMS in my Jeep Cherokee. All I listen to is decaf music and I love the lows so I want to get a box that can play as far below 30hz as I can get. My current box plays from 30hz to about 70hz so I want to try to get lower this time, hopefully not sacrificing too much of my high end. So any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  11. I'm on a major budget and can't go any higher in price. But I have a Mazda B4000 extended cab truck and I'm going to power either set up on 1200 watts. Which would be louder and hit the lows nice? I have up to 10FT*3 of box space to play with
  12. so im new to this whole car audio thing. being on a budget i went with 2 12" kenwood kfc-w3013ps with a Hifonics ZRX1000.1D it was a deal on sonicelectronix.com i already have an old sealed box but i want to build a new ported box. i have no idea on what dimensions to use or rather or not i should put a single port in the middle or 2 ports (one on each side of the box). if yall could give me any dimension and or pics itd be appreciated. oh and its going in a 2010 ford fusion.
  13. So heres the situation, I've had my two Rockford Fosgate T0D412s sitting on the rear seat of my 1997 dodge ram 1500 ext. cab for a year now in a 3.6 ft^3 box and decided it was time to make my install more presentable. I wan't to take out my center seat in the front and make a box that goes from the front to the back. I already know it will fit and have a rough idea of what I want but not sure which direction I should face the subs and port. Suggestions or anyone with experience with this type of box? Thanks in Advance
  14. Just a quick video of White Clouds playing on the Sp4 12's Completely forgot to turn my phone sideways to make the video but owell, enjoy anyway!
  15. Currently have 6 American bass xfl 1222s on 2 dc5ks and keep loosing a sub top passenger side one. Thinking its cause of being different versions of an xfl and sick of wasting money and time blowing them. So can get a great deal on some ascendant audio mayhem 12s 1.4s. So wondering how they will sound and work compared to the ab xfls. Box is tuned to 29hz and blaine Perkins said box will work fine for these subs.
  16. I am starting my new box build for my 2 12 inch Pioneer TSW304r's within the next week or so that will be going in my 2000 Ford Taurus, and Im looking for some ideas on the box build. First Question: Would firing the subs/port forward be louder than having them rear-firing? Or.. Second Question: Would it be louder to fire the subs forward with port firing up through rear deck in between rear deck speakers? Also I will be sealing off the cabin from the trunk completely since my back seat does not fold down. One person that also has a taurus like mine suggested to have the subs fire up with the port firing through rear deck. I just dont know which way to go with this build but I dont have money to wasye with different box builds. The trunk is pretty airtight already but no matter what I will be sealing off the cabin to try and help my spl.
  17. Trying not to start a VS thread but I'm stuck here. I'm doing a budget build for my Mazda B4000 and I want to know which will be a better and louder choice. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS 2 Soundqubed SDC 2.5 15s or 4 MB Quart ONX304 12s Running on 1400-1600 watts Opinions? Are there any other better options?
  18. So the temperature dropped to about -7 last night when I was getting off work and my car had been sitting for a good 8 hours in the parking lot. When I turned on my system I could barely hear the subs at all. I opened up the trunk and saw that the subs were insanely stiff, is this something that happens to other people in the winter too or could I have a leak in my trunk? I just bought these subs . I was thinking maybe it could be the electronics inside the amp?
  19. After plenty of research, i came down to my final two options i'm considering: 1.) 1 ssa icon 15 w/ aq 1200d 2.) 2 sa12s w/ soundstream 1600d I'm going for more sq than spl since i have a small car (05' corolla) and i really appreciate great sounding bass. Just to answer the basic questions, i like bass heavy music, both choices would be ported in a proper custom enclosure (which i will build) and i really wanna use less power since i dont wanna invest too much in my electrical system. Thx a lot for any input and u guys really helped
  20. Hey guys i have a box with 2 rockford fosgate p1 12's 500watts rms and when i listen to e-40 candlelight song they barley pound.... every other artist like psyph morrison or rittz or tech nine they pound hard.. my LPF on my amp is at 50 hrz is my system just not powerfull enough for that song?
  21. I have a 1995 Toyota Avalon. I Have 2 Sa12s and a saz1500. My problem is that my subs aren't very loud in the cab!! I think its a result of my back seats not folding down and the arm rest in the back seat when folded down dosnt expose the trunk! I have my port facing the rear bumper in a 4cubic ft box tuned to 32hz. I was wondering if anybody else has had an encounter like this before or would just like to give advice of how to make my subs louder in the cab without tearing my car apart! THanks
  22. Ran across this website today and wondered if anyone knew how their amplifiers perform? Subs as well? Has anyone heard of this company or used their products? Curious to know if they are legit... The 8" sub looks fairly promising. Looking to build my first 4th order for my Camry and I'm either going with 8's or 10's, until I get the hang of it. Then stepping up to a big build... http://www.purecaraudio.net/pure-audio-pa3000-4/
  23. I have heard that the sundown sa 12s are made more for a ported box and being that i only have a single cab truck i dont have enough room for a ported box, so i was just wondering if anyone knew how they would sound in a sealed box or how that would work? Also i would be running them off of a hifonics bxi 2010d if that helps any. Thanks
  24. OK to start off over the past month I have been saving/buying new/used equipment for my competition build that I am working on that's going into my 2000 Ford Taurus. The first sub pictured below is a custom built 12" Fi Bl and the other 2 subs are a pair of dual 2 ohm Sundown Audio Sa-12s that I bought from a member on here as well as the Rockford Fosgate T1500 -bdCP amp that will be powering the subs. 12" Custom Fi BL Dual 1.5 ohm 1500 rms *FI BL motor *TI Basket *Sundown Zv2 cone *2 stiff linear 10" spiders *D1.5 ohm flat wound 8 layer coil *Genesis Carbon Fiber Dust Cap I have already had the custom 12" Fi Bl hooked up on the Rockford and it gets way loud but I have no idea how loud it is when it comes to a dB meter since I don't own one. What should I do from here? I thought about selling the BL and getting one more sa-12 and building another ported box for all 3 facing the cabin. I had the box for the custom Fi rear facing along with the port rear facing. What should I do from here? Just get another SA-12 and get rid of the BL? Thanks to all that reply, any and all help is much appreciated
  25. I am looking for a new setup for my car audio. I want to be as loud as my budget will let me be. Depending on the sub/subs I can afford maybe 200 max and thats with shipping unless close enough to do a local pickup. I can build my own box so only need the subs. Let me know what you have.
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