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2015 Cadillac Escalade Armageddon Twin Turbo install - Going in for MORE Horses! 1,000hp Engine Upgrade 3/14/18

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I was waiting for the UPS guy to show up before i decided to post any pics on this subject.  It almost doesn't seem real...but now it is starting to sink in.  I am about to install a twin turbo system from  Armageddon .    If you didn't know, my Caddy has a 6.2 in it.  You would think it is already powerful and fast but honestly, this thing feels like a dog when climbing hills.  I initially wanted a supercharger but after getting together with my buddy Josh at Overkill Performance (Sacramento), we decided to try something way more over the top.  This is what we came up with!  Of course there will be full install pics and vids along with dyno results and maybe even a run at the 1/4 mile track.  I will more than likely run it at the track on the stock 22's. But for fun, who know's i might run it on the 8's too and see what it can do.  I am NOT trying to make this a "race car" by any means.  I just want it to be beastly and enough muscle to carelessly climb steep grades. Of course, i want that passing power if need be.  Also, that oh my. 

So the first round of pictures is what showed up today. It is what they referred to as the "cold side".  The "hot side", whatever that means, is coming on Thursday.  It should be the intercooler the fuel pump and some other accessories.  The stuff i got today was enough to fill my entire work table once i started unboxing :D  Once i see EVERYTHING i am getting, i will go post the parts list here.  I know i got a few "extra's" on the way so i am not 100% sure what i will end up with.  Also, just so you know the plan, i want to do everything (like the pipes, intercooler etc) in white and black like the rest of the vehicle.  I want it to match the brake and wheel combo. 





























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Oh God, I'm so excited for this series. What kind of power figures you aiming for Steve? I'm guessing you didn't just want big BHP power but also wanted lower end torque

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bad ass! but ummm did you mean to say that's the hot side?:peepwall:

Just realized where you corrected it in the title lol my bad

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