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December 2017 SOTM Nominations - Prizes from Mechman, CE Auto Electric, and XS Power!!

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Check out my build log... All work done by myself, along with friends and beer.

* Custom fabbed large case hairpin alternator bracket

* ALL 4/0 cable throughout with some fat copper bus sprinkled in there

* (2) Ampere 5Ks wired down to 0.35 ohm... DAILY

* (4) 15s in a ported wall with polycarb windows


* Too much lithium

* Sealed up doors, 3 layers of deadening, custom wood pods for (2) 8s per side

* Static drop on 17s [BASS SQUAT]

* A ton of process steps shown throughout the build

Thanks for checking it out and thanks to the vendors for the awesome prizes!


Chevy Sonic Wall (4) 15's on 10k Build Log


(4) Fi SP4 15's | (2) Ampere 5Ks | Active! | Arc KS600.2 & KS125.2mini | CDT Silk Domes | Silver Flute 8s | 240Ah JY | US Alts

Jeep Wrangler JK (4) 8's in a 4th Order Build Log


IG @walledsonic

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Today (the 20th) is the last day to get entered/and or fix your posts to be entered per the rules! 

I will be starting the voting process later tonight!

Good luck!




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Nice! Good luck to everyone ?

Vehicle: 2002 Ford Escape

Electrical: 275A Singer, Northstar AGM220 & NSB-AGM31M

Head Unit: Apple iPad Hi-Res Passthrough

Speakers: {ACTIVE} - (4) JBL 660GTI 6.5", (2) JBL 660GTI Tweets

Sub Stage: (2) Fi IB318 v2 18" 

Amplifiers: ARC Audio - (3)2300SE, (2)4200SE

Processing: Helix DSP Pro W/ Dash Mounted Director 

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Lots of awesome builds entered for this month, should be a good one!

'07 Ford Ranger - Soundman SS | iStreamer | AudioControl | Sundown Audio | Stereo Integrity | Mechman | Northstar

On 5/21/2015 at 7:07 PM, boom50cal said:

of course he gives no fucks. it's a ford ranger.

only bad mother fuckers drive ford rangers

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New to car audio but really love it and want to say thx to the sponsors for the awesome prizes... I’m just running 3 12’s and a 1000 watt JL Audio monoblock amp along with a 440 watt JL Audio amp for my highs ...also will I need a big 3 upgrade kit or higher output alternator? And this is in a 1978 ford bronco and thx for all replies 

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My 1988 VW Scirocco 16V this is my 20 year + project car. JVC head unit, Old school Sony mobile ES 4CH amp(ready for an up grade), Audio control epicenter and EQX, 12" Phoenix Gold Sub, put together some scrap wire to build my some what Big 3 on stock Alt. I could really use this system of the month. It is just a simple system but it works for now.


Capture Scirocco.JPG


engine bay.JPG


Sony amp.JPG

JVC head unit.JPG

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