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Blackvue DR900-S 2 Channel (Front and Rear) 4k Dash cam with Wifi/Cloud

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I have been on the look out for a good dash cam since the one i had didn't really work as good as i thought.  Last week i ordered the new Blackvue DR-900S from my guys at Nav-TV (they sell them).  Today, i unboxed it and installed it in my Escalade (2015 for those who are new here).  I am working on a video right now but here are a few pics to look at in the mean time. So far, i do like it! I need to get used to using the features...but at the end of the day, all i really want is for it to do it's job and for me to almost forget it is there, unless it is needed. I will probably not mess with it too much after today.  I will probably shoot a night video later on. But unless something crazy happens on my cams, i am hoping to just let them handle business and hope i never NEED them. Of course, if something wild happens i hope to catch it haha.


video will be up in a few hours.  


















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On 9/4/2018 at 6:21 PM, said:

Nice dashcam! There are a lot of dumbass drivers on the road. I almost got hit again a few weeks ago.

I recommend you installing 6 cameras like me.

I had to move my Thinkware F770 that was mounted at the rear windshield to random place in the front because the bass broke it a while back. The rear camera for the F800 Pro that's mounted back there is fine though... Had three microSD cards stuck in the F770 and a broken capacitor.




Damn man that guys is a dumbass

I've always been scared to install a rear cam because of it being vibrated to death so I tried out the N2 Pro that has a forward and in-cabin camera. Not as good as that 6 cam setup but it does the job on a budget. 


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There was another thread months ago I posted these in with comparison shots of the current 4k model next to their last gen, and like 6 other brands. The guy that did it was VortexRadar on youtube. Quality video.

The BlackVues are the best wtihout a doubt, even have additional options you can get with them such as mounts, battery backups, etc. Ive been wanting to pull the trigger on it for a while now, but just havent but researched the hell out of this brand.

The only thing I would change is I would switch the power to a constant on source and not switched because it does detect impacts/movement and will automatically record if your away from the vehicle which cant be done when the power/ign is off, so in a way your hindering its functionality. The unit is smart in that sense and can detect when the vehicle is not moving. They say you need the Power Magic Pro wiring pack for this or the additional battery pack, but I dont see why really. I would assume the Pro wiring pack would have some function built into it to disable the camera if the stock vehicle battery gets too low, and or the battery pack option is to run the dash camera when the vehicle is off so it does not drain off the stock vehicle battery. However being audio guys with big quality batteries I dont think the camera would have enough drain to kill some beefy batteries and you should just be able to hard wire it directly without either methods they try to sell you on.

Maybe I'll just have to buy one up to get to know it sooner than later, but the only thing that is stopping me is the 1080P rear camera. I know as soon as I buy it they will upgrade the model to have a 4k rear camera that weill match the front 4k camera, because thats all the thing is really missing imo. Plus thats the way things seem to go for me. LOL

Here is the above said comparison video I posted months ago if anyone is interested in comparison videos of the Blackvue against other respected dashcams.



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ya i figured it might be good with my battery...but i didn't really want to chance it yet.  I had it on B+ when i first installed it but i pussed out and put it on ACC instead.  Just while i research whether the "Magic packs" are worth it or not.  For now, i am just happy to forget it's there. Unless i really need it of course.  But so far i am happy.

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Does the Blackvue have motion alerts to your phone when in parking mode? My Thinkware dashcams doesn't have those features. All of my home cameras (Ring and Nest Eco-System) have motion alerts notifications sent to my phone and lets me view the video to see what happens.


Can you show us some video footage of your drives in the forest roads? I get a lot of artifacts from trees driving in forest roads.


I use a Cellink Neo and a Cellink Pro 2nd Gen (neo is better and lets you check battery status via blutooth on phone) and I think they're great.



The NEO charges pretty quick. Just sitting in the parking lot with my engine idled while I eat my lunch would charge it from 11% to 80% very easily. I never had a problem with its charge depleting all the way to 0% before. I don't drive much either. 15 minute drive a day and maybe 15 minute idled at lunch.

So when in parking mode, my Thinkware F770 uses power from the Cellink Neo and my F800 Pro uses the Cellink B 2nd Gen and my Thinkware F110 just drains all three of my car batteries.

It would be nice if there was a way to get my Cellink batteries to charge WITH my three car batteries when I have it on the ctek over night though.

In conclusion, I don't know if the Cellink "Dashcam" batteries are worth it. I was told they were since they were engineered towards "Dashcams" and would be more efficient than buying more AGM car batteries.



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