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wow, i feel like i was e-mind tricked

WTF...e-mind tricked....thats new to me...LoL.

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cool feature... but alas i will not change my name anytime soon.

BigP: lol youve got some issues....deago?  :clown2:

newcents: if you change it i will be so confused but go ahead ill get it after a week

bibby: cool to have the bibby at work feature... lol but hey at my work everything is blocked. only site that works is the work site and since we have sat internet (why i dont know) its damn slow so fuck the internet at work (for me) :ranting2:

J. Jsig_253411.jpgMy CardomainFINISHED COBALT SS/SC DUAL ALTERNATOR PICS icon_nuts.gif

theres no such thing as too expensive when it comes to upgrades like that, because imo if you are gonna spend to upgrade then do it correctly rather then be a cheap ass ricer

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