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2 15 inch cerwin vegas and a 2300 mtx jvc head unit ,,i saved like for 2 summers for that,perchest it of a frend

02g power wire

sundown saz 3500

digital desing 95F


mechman alt. 250 amp

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2 12" Clarion PXW 1251 subs in a sealed box 2.2cubes per chamber for 4.4 cubes total. 2 blaupunkt PCA1350 amps. A Kenwood KDC-MP228 Headunit. MTX 2 way 6.5" coax in all 4 doors I messed up and some wires never got connected and i ran them bitches at 500w RMS at 2 ohms on just one VC on each sub for about 9 months, lol. I noticed it when i went to check the amps and the ohm load read 2 and i was like, ummm should be 1 or 4... Then i found out i built the box big enough to be ported, so i bought some 4" PVC and tuned the box to 35 Hz. I wired the subs up in series to the amps so i was only gettin 300 RMS at 4 ohms, but they hit so much harder than before.

Now its what is listed in my sig, till i can afford new stuff

woman..cant live with em...cant shoot em...guess were all fucked

You might be a Redneck if you use your leftover gutters for a speaker box port...

YOU JUST LOST THE GAMER.I.P. Blazer=========================Last setup was in the 141s on music (37hz) with 2 12s and 1kw in a 4dr blazer.2010 Mitsubishi Lancer DE2 12in Clarions (kept from blazer)HiFonics BRZ1700.1d (at 2 ohms BLOWN) [JBL GTS180X for subs currently 60wRMS x2ch!!!!!! This works for till i get the blown amp fixed] Alpine 4ch salvaged from blazer (currently near death)9887 peerless 7s in the doors and CDT tweeters ran active no speakers in the rearKintik HC1400 under the hood.metered once a while ago, dont remember it...was piss poor compared to the blazer, mid 130s i think....looking to replace subs and amp when i have money.

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Two 12" Pyramids with horn tweeters in a prefab truckbox running of a Unic 200W. Delco head unit circa 1986


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Kenwood full logic tape deck pull out

Kenwood coax 5.25's front and back

Pyle 12's

Coustic sub amp

Fosgate mids/highs amp

Alpine CDA-117...Memphis 16-X03

CDT Audio SQA-4100...SEAS Prestige H1396...Crescendo MP-6

Soundstream Rubicon 1.2500d...Digital Designs 3512f

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2 Visonik 10" in a tiny ass box, also visonik, and a visonik TRUE 200rms amp.

was worth the $80 from pep boys :)

Current Setup:

Factory HU with LOC

mids/highs-Insignia components

Sub- E8 in bass tube

Amp- sae-1200d

Show Setup:

HU-Sony MEX-1HD (brings massive respect for sony)

fronts - Infinity Kappa perfect comps

rears- Infinity Kappa coax

mid/high amp - Autotek 5600

Subs - 2 RE SE 15's

Sub Amps - 2xSAE-1200D

Box - 5cubes sealed

Wire- Lots of Knu 1/0


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my current system haha.

an 18" BL on the RF t1k

stepping it up pretty soon and its only been a couple months.

Wouldnt be thehoe92 without teh purple

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my first system was 2 audiobahn 15s lol 1 dual 2 and 1 dual 4 runnin off a kenwood cd player and a kenwood amp whit walmart hrs..in a crap prefab box lol ooo how far we have come.lol

he wouldnt be the first to say they did a 167 with a system like that (one that clearly DOESNT), but i have to say, he didnt beat me anywhere, ive never competed against the guy. If he thinks his does a 167, mine would probably put him in a coma. :hairtrick:

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2 10" Sony Xplod's on an Audiobahn 4002T, later gotta a second amp. An amp blew before those subs ever did.

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2003 Chevy Trailblazer LTZ

Pioneer 980BT

16 SA-10's - 4th Order Bandpass

NS-1 - 3 D3100's

DC & XS Power, Audio Technix, Sound Deadener Showdown

Team Sundown Audio

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